What is the best espresso machine for a small coffee shop?

What is the best espresso machine for a small coffee shop?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “what is the best coffee machine for a small cafe

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  1. TL;DR: it depends on the specifics of the case, and can’t be answered definitively online.
    It depends on your budget. Common wisdom states that you should spend as much on the grinder as you do on the machine. I think that only works up to a point, and you should do research into the grinder.
    You also want a water softener, to protect your expensive espresso machine from scale buildup. Choose the size of the water softener based on its estimated water volume per recharge and your anticipated sales volume.
    Once you’ve gotten those two expenses out of the way, you want to get the machine itself. For a small cafe a single group machine will probably be sufficient. If you plan to buy your coffee beans from a supplier, check if they have a deal on machines (eg buy x amount per month and the machine is free, or significantly discounted) otherwise, find a store near you which specializes in coffee machines (eg whole latte love) and consult with them over your specific needs.
    Note, a used out refurbished machine is going to be cheaper, but you may be sacrificing on its longevity, and you’re limited to what’s being offered.

  2. The best one for your budget.
    Look up coffee shop around you that you think about your size, ask them for their contact on coffee machine supplier. Talk to the supplier and rent the one with the best price within your budget.
    Once your business running smoothly and you are making plenty of money then look at renovation and better machine.
    Concentrate on people skill. Coffee shop are everywhere, you need to have an edge to stand out, yet still within ppl’s budget.
    Good luck.

  3. No offense, but if you are asking a bunch of strangers this question on Quora (without providing any particulars), you do not have the expertise required to operate a coffee shop.


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