What is the best drink (except coffee) to gain energy when you wake up?

What is the best drink (except coffee) to gain energy when you wake up?

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  1. That’s an easy question for me to answer because I am 100% against the dangerous energy drinks that are on the market! They will do you more harm in the long, just Google the ingredients and see for yourself! I start my morning with 32oz of cold water and then have my coffee, and I am just fine. There are some nice teas that you could try, green tea is very healthy for you. A small glass of orange juice is good too. Keep it as natural as possible and avoid chemicals and dangerous herbs like Guarana! Hope this helps.

  2. For drinks that provide energy, I would recommend:
    coconut water for its refreshing nature. Not really needed if you have breakfast right when you wake up.
    Tea is an alternative to coffee
    Ginger Tea may be energizing
    But if I may expand the scope to include other means of increasing energy levels for the day, I would recommend:
    Exercising after a skimp breakfast. This works pretty well any time of the day actually. That’s because exercise increases the blood flow to your brain, as well as releasing adrenal hormones into the body that mobilize fats & glucose for fuel.
    A cold shower also wakes me up pretty well in the morning, because it also releases stress hormones for long enough to wake the body up.

  3. Water. You need it, it’s refreshing, and you can enjoy it at any temperature. If you want something with a little more flavor, then you are going to have to pick that out for yourself. But, Me, Myself, and I, we all enjoy something a little tart, to kinda jumpstart my day. Grapefruit juice, Grape juice, Apple, etc. But….that’s me. It doesn’t have to have caffeine in it, or be bought daily in a grocery store, or convenience store either. Get a juicer, and do the following:
    4 parts green leafy vegetables, or carrots
    1 part apple, or banana (for sweetness and vitamin etc)
    Stir and enjoy. Your tastebuds will thank you, and so will body.
    Hope this helps

  4. This answer is so short and simple that it may be collapsed. However, assuming you had a good night’s sleep and that you are not addicted to caffeine, I suggest water, pure water. It should be slightly warmed (NOT from the hot water of the tap) and consumed soon after awakening. Drink down 8–12 oz. within a period of five minutes. Continue to drink water throughout the day separate from meals. BTW, thirst for water is masqueraded by hunger for food. You are NOT hungry. You are thirsty!
    If you ARE addicted to coffee, just go off it gradually, for example, like one cup in the morning instead of two, at some point no coffee after noon (substitute decaf for your afteroon drinks if you just like the habit).
    Then the pick up of a ginger lemon drink or some of the other answers’ recommendations. Avoid sugared drinks, that is nothing but a quick pep up followed by more tiredness than you had before.

  5. Not a drink but Rhodiola Rosea has helped to give me more energy – I don’t take it every day, and on some days I take two. Pays to research the brand. Don’t have the name in front of me but if you pm me I’ll tell you what I buy. That said I still drink coffee – instant :)!

    Victor Allen’s

  6. After wake up, you are required to have breakfast with all nutrients in order to have energy. Without nutrients, you definitely will have no energy, easily get sick, easily get tired, pain, sour, headache etc. They all indicates poor health diet selection. if want to know more detail, Send me email, I will provide free health advice.

  7. For me I go with monster energy drinks when coffee isn’t an option. But it really just depends on your taste in drinks and what fits for you. If you dont like carbonated drinks i would recommend Arizona iced tea.
    Hope I could help.


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