What is the best ‘dark roast’ coffee?

What is the best ‘dark roast’ coffee?

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  1. Off the top of my head and in no order:
    Kicking Horse
    Koa Coffee’s Kona Beans
    A Bit More Info!
    Let’s quickly talk about the beans themselves.
    I’ve found that my own palette prefers single origin dark roasts, so I’d start there by looking for brands that have single origin darks.
    Something else that helps is knowing which origin is best enjoyed at which roast level, which is again a touch subjective. I find the Indonesians, softer Africans, and Yemens are very good roasted medium-dark to dark without the sweeter origin notes being overshadowed too heavily by the roast.
    So, maybe try to look for brands with single origin, dark roast offerings!

  2. Death Wish coffee, in my opinion, is one of the best dark roasts out there. It’s smooth, bold, and highly caffeinated. It’s worth checking out, though this answer is largely subjective.

  3. There is no standard to what degree of roast that is offered by coffee roaster. I recently got samples of coffee from what, I thought, was an experienced roaster. After discussing the roast that I wanted, which is a medium dark roast. He send me 6 samples that were by all of my years of experience were a light American roast. The point being that one persons dark is another persons light.
    Your only path is to sample until you find what you like. If you are cost sensitive go to Costco and get there House Blend roasted by Starbucks, it is a perfect medium dark roast. It is a 2 lbs. package. You should repack in airtight glass containers. They offer dark roasts also so experiment.
    Starbucks success is based on a number of things, but they were the first to bring a darker roast to the public and a stronger cup. It was a big change from what most people where calling coffee. Like them or not.

  4. What is the best 'dark roast' coffee?

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  5. I personally prefer Italian roasted coffee. It is very dark and has a richness to it when brewed…. The best on I have found is Starbucks. I buy it in whole bean form, grind it as I need and make it in a French Press.

  6. Ruta Maya dark roast. I buy the beans from HEB here in Texas. It’s also available on line. I make mine in either a French press or Chemex. Always good

  7. Personally, I’ve tried many dark roasts as I prefer the dark myself and my favorite seems to be Kicking Horse Coffee.
    My fovorites are 454 Horse Power and Kick ass!
    They’re both awesome dark roasts. Give them a try!

  8. There’s a company called Fresh Roasted Coffee that roasts when you order and also do a lot of dark roasts – both single-origin and blends. I’ve had a couple of their selections and haven’t found one I don’t like.

    Eight O’Clock

  9. I love Coffee Bean Direct Super Dark Espresso . It’s exactly what it says. It’s super dark and tasty. I get it in five pound bags in bean form on Amazon.

  10. I lean towards the flavours of the East African beans, that dark chocolate aftertaste of a really good mocha. Kenyan AA and Ethiopian beans are a good place to try for this flavour.

  11. Greetings ms. O`Day, sorry, but I can not give an answer to your question, as I AVOID, at all cost, purchasing dark roast coffee! It is not in my book as a “proper” way to roast coffee!It is mostly done to hide the ROBUSTA beans, that have been added to the mix, as a way to lower the overall cost of the blend!

  12. The ones that hit the back of the palate before working its way to the tip of the tongue, leaving an impression of mild sweetness as an after taste.
    You can pair this dark roast with dark chocolate, and taste more of the after notes present in the dark roast that you couldn’t taste without the chocolate pairing.
    My favorite dark roast coffee in Starbucks is Italian Roast.

    What is the best 'dark roast' coffee?

    It’s one notch below French Roast, which the baristas in my store thought tasted and smelled like fish.
    In Mom and Pop stores ask for the second boldest roast they have. I find the boldest roast is always roasted past its flavor potential. But the second boldest, sometimes third, seems to be about right.


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