What is the best cafe logo?

What is the best cafe logo?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “coffee shop logo design ideas

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  1. Hello 朕知道了
    if you mean cafe as in – coffee-brand, I always enjoy the classy visuals from
    illy: espresso coffee meets the arts and opens the mind
    In my opinion defining any logo as ‘ best’ is impossible, as a logo is always designed with a specific purpose, to tell a visual story to a certain group of persons. Comparing them is nearly impossible without background information.
    A good logo helps and is a great starting point in visual communication. Good implementation is essential to build trust.

  2. As indicated by Dirk-Pieter Van Walsum , classifying a logo as “best” is impossible as there is no definite criteria for logo design nor is there an established rating or review system in place.
    That said, my vote would go to Starbucks’ logo.

    What is the best cafe logo?

    My reasons:
    a) It is universally recognized.
    b) When doing a logo for a cafe, the first instinct is to make something that signifies steam, a coffee cup, a coffee bean, etc. Starbucks logo doesn’t do this at and so stands apart from those who do (Costa, Cafe Nero, Coffee Bean, etc.).
    c) The logo color choice is also against type. Most other cafe logos use browns, burgundies and cream colors. Starbucks instead uses green. This is such a strong differentiator that a green circle on a white cup would still be recognized as Starbucks.
    d) It takes a lot of mental cart-wheels to go from the name Starbucks (the first mate in the Moby Dick novel) to a two-finned sea creature that is not quite a mermaid and yet it works brilliantly. I applaud the original designer for such a great concept that is now steeped in layer upon layer of meaning.


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