What is the best Breville coffee machine?

What is the best Breville coffee machine?

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  1. I cannot speak personally about their coffee pots. I do own a Breville Smart Coffee Grinder and the Breville Dual Boiler (BDB).
    The BDB is one of the best investments I have ever made. The amount of features included with the relatively low price is phenomenal. I have owned the machine for 1.5 years and so far have had very very few issues with it. You can set it to turn on at specific times and set the temperature of the steam and the espresso boiler within a set range very easily. I highly recommend looking into the BDB.
    The grinder, although excellent for the price, could be better. It is great for filter coffee and french press, but the espresso range is very limited. There is not much control over very fine settings on it, but it works. Some of the best features on it are the removable hopper and the ability to change the amount of coffee output very slightly. The removable hopper is something often only seen on high-end grinders, but Breville chose to incorporate this feature on their grinder.
    On a side note: If you are not already, consider buying your coffee whole bean and a grinder. Whole bean will last much longer than pre-ground coffee. Once coffee is ground, it tastes best within 10–15 of grinding for filter coffee. For espresso coffee, this time is significantly shorter. Whole bean coffee should be used with 2–4 after the printed roast date.
    For a grinder, I would recommend a conical burr grinder. This is for several reasons. A blade grinder spins at high speeds and can heat up the coffee, causing a change in its flavor. A burr grinder will also be much more consistent than a blade grinder, since the blade grinder is essentially a “coffee blender”.
    Hope I helped! 🙂


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