What is the best breakfast place in Los Angeles?

What is the best breakfast place in Los Angeles?

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  1. That, of course, is a matter of opinion.
    But Zagat, which ranks restaurants based on a lot of opinions, gives this top 10 for 2013:
    Michael’s on Naples Ristorante
    Sushi Zo
    Angelini Osteria
    And here are four restaurants that made their Top 10 list in 2012, but not for 2013:
    Pizzeria Mozza
    Cafe 14

    What is the best breakfast place in Los Angeles?

  2. John O’Groats (in west LA)
    The Fountain Coffee Room (in beverly hills)
    Huckleberry (in santa monica) <-- my current favorite
    Cora’s Coffee Shoppe (in santa monica)
    Loteria Grill (@ the farmers market)
    du-pars (@ the farmers market)
    Nate ‘n Al’s (in beverly hills)

  3. Joey’s Cafe located at 8301 Santa Monica Boulevard is my favorite local breakfast spot. They have a large menu of about 12 pages and about one-quarter of the dishes would be suitable for breakfast or brunch.
    I like the smoothies, the big pancake breakfasts, the Eggs Florentine, and the signature vegetarian open-faced omelet. My husband likes the Denver and Greek omelets. The freshly-baked muffins are delicious and can be bagged to go.
    This looks like a very unassuming place, but the food is of very high quality (and quantity). Everyone I have ever taken to Joey’s has loved it.

  4. One of the best is the Pantry at 9th and Figuroa. It’s open 24 hours and the doors have been unlocked for over 75 years. Order the sourdough toast because they toast it on the grill.
    The very best breakfast I’ve been served in LA was also the most expensive. It was at the Pacific Dining Car. It was on a linen tablecloth and china. The toast was hot and the coffee was marvelous. It was pricey enough that I haven’t been back but it was memorable. I don’t trust many places to make perfect Eggs Benedict but I would trust them. Most places make them too lemony.
    Another superb breakfast can be had at Du-Par’s in the Farmer’s Market in the Fairfax District and on Ventura in Studio City. They have the best French toast I’ve ever had.
    Greenblatt’s deli on Sunset in West Hollywood has a great deli omelet as does Brent’s deli in the Valley.
    In Pasadena there is a small very classy diner called Russell’s in Old Town just off Fair Oaks. They also serve a terrific breakfast with a huge selection of offerings that can be enjoyed with champagne or a Mimosa. If I lived in Pasadena I would have breakfast at Russell’s at least once a week. If you are a tourist and going to the Norton Simon or the Huntington Library, put Russell’s on your itinerary.
    Baker’s Coffee Shop in South Pasadena also serves up great breakfasts. I have had many a fine breakfast at Bakers and always had to leave with a loaf of their delicious zucchini bread. I don’t get over there much any more. What a treat that zucchini bread was.

  5. The Tavern in Brentwood on San Vicente Blvd has phenomenal breakfast. I hear good things about Coral Tree Cafe, across the street, too.

  6. Its a tie. Pacific Dining Car its downtown LA and expensive but very high quality
    or Green Street Restaurant. I remember it being in Pasadena but worth the drive.
    Street Level Cafe. Its is a hidden gem. It has a vibe and decor that reminds me of the tattoo and ponytail crowd. I love this place in Echo Park!

  7. I live in the Northeast so the most convenient place for me is Auntie Em’s. I suggest the open face sandwich with either bacon or chicken sausage. They also have a lot of amazing vegetarian options.

  8. If you ask for one breakfast place, then I’ll give you one — and a big fat one at that.
    Griddle Cafe is not necessarily a menu masterpiece or on the cutting edge of culinary innovation. But they make an incredible stack of pancakes worth writing home about.

    “The Golden Ticket” is a fluffy buttermilk batter with bananas baked in brown sugar, topped with caramel, walnuts, and whipped cream.
    “Yellow Brick Road” is a nutty favorite for those “dessert-for-breakfast” types. Butterscotch, caramel, and walnuts fill a fluffy pancake stack.

    Oh yes, and the size makes this a meal for a week. Think about the largest plate you own. Then think about a single pancake so wide it drapes over the plate, with the edges hanging off. Multiply that x3.
    I dare you to finish it in one sitting.


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