What is the best alternative for milk to put in coffee?

What is the best alternative for milk to put in coffee?

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  1. You can put in anything you want, it’s your coffee. If you add a mustard, it’s your business.
    Common liquids added to coffee: whipped cream, vegan milk (almond, soy), egg liquor (like Advocaat), Bailey’s, whiskey, cognac, rum, bleach (commercial name for this is “creamer”) and many others.
    But me and most of my friends add nothing. Nice neat espresso, little amount of sugar is only option.

  2. I’ve a friend who is known for adding a bit of Kahlúa and perhaps some milk to his morning coffee. He claims that makes an excellent pick-me-up in the AM.

  3. You can use various different flavors such as cinnamon or cocoa. Alternatively, if you don’t want to add milk because you are lactose intolerant then maybe you can add lactose free milk. There are also things such as almond milk, etc.

  4. Powdered milk. Get a bottle or packet and keep it at the back of your cupboard. It’s pretty lousy stuff, but arguably better than nothing.
    It sits on the shelf quite happily for months, just waiting fro you to run out of real milk so it can show you that, no matter how much you hate it, it will at least make your coffee white. Ish.
    And then it will go back to waiting for it’s next chance to show you just how ghastly it is. It lasts a long time. One pack is usually all it takes to provide all the negative reinforcement you need to ensure you never forget to buy enough milk.
    If you really have a masochistic bent, you can achieve the same effect with coffeemate.

    Eight O’Clock

  5. My favorite so far is homemade. Store bought ones I tried have a strong flavor.
    It’s simple:
    cashew buts
    pepita nuts (pumpkin seeds)
    blend with water, sweatener and salt.
    soak them overnight first
    Full recipe: Vegan Cashew-Pepita Latte .
    It’s based on a cafe in NYC that makes the best vegan flat white I’ve had. Café Integral – Little Italy – New York, NY

    Victor Allen’s

  6. The best thing to do is to try some and decide for yourself. I love almond milk on my coffee, but I have a friend who hates almond milk and prefers soy milk. It’s mostly a question of personal taste. I say “mostly” because some people may have allergy to some of the ingredients, so those will need to be avoided.
    Milk alternatives can be based on many different plants, including almond, soy, cashew, coconut, rice, hazelnut and others. Try the ones that appeal to you most and have fun!

  7. Nothing! You might then taste the coffee – and conclude that it might be time to learn more about the many varieties of coffee beans and the taste of good neat black coffee!

  8. I can’t tell you if I don’t know why you put milk in your coffee. There are many things you can possibly put into your coffee or put your coffee into. Personally I prefer to put Moka pot coffee into hot water. Hot water usually allows me to taste the flavours of coffee better. But this depends on the beans I brew. Putting coffee into water rather than water into coffee, there will some crema left. There is not much crema brewing with Moka pot to begin with. Crema helps bring out the flavour of coffee. I tell you what I do to demonstrate that your decision to put anything into coffee depends the end result you are shooting for. I can’t just tell you to put butter or coconut oil in.

  9. Evaporated milk
    Condensed milk if you don’t mind the sweetness
    This time of year, Eggnog
    Bailey’s or other cream-based liqueur if you won’t be driving/working
    And wayyyyy down at the bottom of the list is Artificial Coffee Creamer
    What works best is up to you.

  10. A couple ideas. Keep a can of evaporated milk just for such emergencies. A spoon of ice cream will give the creaminess with a little sweetness. I would prefer vanilla, but chocolate ice cream or many other flavors would work and may taste great.

  11. Literally anything you think would be good – cream, whiskey, kalhua, Cinnamon, Cardamom, mint, cocoa powder, espresso, vanilla, ginger, espresso.

  12. I don’t use milk unless I’m preparing a cappuccino or latte. If your wanting to replace milk for drip coffee it probably will depend on what you have available as an additive. Even though it won’t be the same it’s the goal and the experience of answering your questions – right.

  13. The Best Milk Alternative for Coffee
    Soy milk . Soy milk has been a popular choice for a long time – maybe surprisingly so, since its got one of the strongest flavours.
    Oat milk . Oat milk is a popular choice for coffee-based drinks.
    Almond milk .

  14. I am currently experimenting with this, and this is what I’ve tried so far: coconut based “milk” (not actual coconut milk straight out of the nut, this is specifically made as a dairy substitute), almond milk, rice milk. I haven’t bothered with soy milk because I don’t want the hormonal effects that come with regular use. I also haven’t yet tried goats milk (which some people find a good substitute if they have cows milk intolerance).
    Coconut and almond both are too strongly flavoured unless you like flavoured coffee, which I don’t. If you do, these are well worth a try. Rice milk is slightly strange, but I’m sure it would be possible to get used to it after a while. None of them are the sort of opaque white we’re used to, so measure by volume rather than what it looks like in the cup for best results.
    There’s another advantage to rice milk over the others as well, which is that it’s the least likely, statistically speaking, to cause an allergic reaction or an auto-immune response (an intolerance). Of course there are exceptions to every general rule, but unless you know you have a problem with rice you should be pretty safe to try it.
    I forgot to mention “non-dairy creamer” which is a powder you add to the coffee and is seriously bad for you because it’s made from corn syrup. Please don’t even think of using it.


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