What is the average size of a cup of coffee?

What is the average size of a cup of coffee?

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  1. I’ve tried to figure this out over the years. I haven’t found a standard much of anything related to what we drink coffee from, other than the to-go containers from coffee shops.
    When reading the instructions on coffee makers and bags and cans, you will typically see the amount of water per cup listed at anywhere between 4 and 6 ounces. And reading the capacity of mugs on most of the e-commerce sites—the range is all over the place….I’ve purchased mugs from 1…

  2. From what I understand, it depends on where you live. In the United States, it’s normally considered 8 fluid ounces, however most directions on coffee packages state 6 ounces or less. People who measure 8 fluid ounces of water to make their coffee aren’t getting the full coffee taste. Of course, there are now mugs on the market that hold more coffee and people consider those “cups of coffee”. My hubby and I will have this discussion occasionally because he’s on dialysis and must count his liquid daily. He’ll tell his doctors that he has one cup of coffee a day, but his “cup” is at least double the size of the ones my parents and grandparents used – simply because he never had a cup that smaller size and considers the larger size mug a normal cup of coffee. My take on all of this is that a cup of coffee is whatever size you are served or whatever size mug you buy. However, if you need to know for medical reason, measure the liquid in the cup you use the most.

  3. In America it is thought to be 8 ounces though a legally defined cup is 8.12 ounces or 240 grams while in Japan it is 200 grams and in the rest of the world it is 250 grams. But if you are using a Chemex they use 148 grams for a cup but if you are getting a cup of coffee at a fast food place or Starbucks then it will be either 12 oz or 16 oz and some places serve a 6 oz cup of espresso!
    In other words the “standard” size for a coffee cup is whatever someone says it is and they would be right because there is no standardizing cup definition

  4. Usually it varies for different sizes( or even different countries) as below;
    Regular- ( 340ml ) Medium
    Grande- ( 454ml ) Large
    Short – ( 227ml ) Small

  5. No standard exists. Go to 10 different coffee outlets and see what is their standard coffee cup. Is it an espresso coffee cup, flat white, etc. Large, medium regular….the list goes on.
    So define your question better. And you will not waste people’s time.

  6. Lol, I think it depends upon which country you are in.
    USA where metric is still shunned.
    Or the rest of the world.
    But if we are talking coffee/tea cups at home 5-6oz.(USA)
    Coffee shoppes…8-20oz (USA)


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