What is the average price of a coffee in Tokyo, Japan?

What is the average price of a coffee in Tokyo, Japan?

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  1. It’s impossible to give an average price. It all depends on where you go and what size and type of coffee you order. At the cheapest end, there are convenience stores and there a small cup costs 100 yen. Chain stores such as Starbucks charge 300 yen for a small cup; Doutor is slightly cheaper at 200 yen. At posher end of the market it could be 500 yen or more. Espresso is not really popular here. The type of coffee most popular (“blend” [burendo] in the local parlance) is close to what the French call cafe allonge. Note that the foregoing prices are for this type; more elaborate types with fancy bells and whistles cost more. Even though price differentials among the shops are large, I have to say that I can’t tell the difference in quality! If you don’t happen to be a coffee snob, I’d recommend convenience stores.

  2. There is no average price. It depends what you want. Here is a list of places that I go to quite often:
    Convenience store machine: 108 yen (good coffee in my opinion)
    Doutor (chain restaurant) 220 yen
    Starbucks: Don’t know because when I go there I order a special coffee like a latte or frappuchino (Guess: up to 380 yen for a regular short size)
    Excelsior – Doutor’s answer to Starbucks – 320 yen
    Tully’s – also a bit over 300 yen.
    Today $1 = 108 yen

  3. I know price for espresso. This ugly black liquid which people call American or blend coffee I really hate and don’t consider it coffee.
    So espresso single shot is from 200 to 450 yen in chains and 500 to 800 yen in independent caffes.
    Notice, 200 yen espresso is unbelievable ugly. They don’t even use espresso machine to make it. Reasonable quality you have to pay 350 and up.
    I think that this American thing cost around 500 yen, but I’m not sure.

  4. There’s no average price, because it depends on many things.
    However, a good drip coffee from a proper coffee shop costs somewhere from 200 to 500 yen. A cup of espresso costs about 300 yen even in a good shop, but beware of “espresso” in places where it’s unpalatable. A big cup of americano (espresso with water, not the amerikan coffee from a family restaurant) is about 500 yen. In a family restaurant lousy coffee can be as cheap as 150 yen per cup. But it won’t be too good. On the other side of the spectrum, some elite kinds of coffee in places like Ginza l’ambre can easily cost several thousands of yen. It depends, as you see.

  5. if you buy American blend at a convenience store about 100 yen. Coffee at mr doutor/McDonal is about 250 yen. regular coffee shop, 250-400 yen.
    starbucks, 350-500 yen.


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