What is it like to take nicotine, caffeine, and Adderall – all together?

What is it like to take nicotine, caffeine, and Adderall – all together?

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  1. no thats probably the worst thing you can do for your body. The adderall affects your brain, the nicotine affects your lungs & brain, the caffeine affects your whole entire body. I would say that’s probably not a good choice at all.

  2. Disclaimer: I am someone taking Adderall with a legal prescription for my ADHD-I, so my brain obviously responds differently to Adderall than the average human (there’s a reason it’s prescribed as medication for me, as opposed to the way it gets misused/abused by students as a “study drug.”). Stimulants, in general, affect me much more positively than I’ve seen it affect all of my friends who use them without ADHD, so my experiences will be much more positive than the average user.
    1) Adderall. First thing I take in the morning because it makes me a human being. Helps me focus and all the other stuff you already know about.
    2) Caffeine. I’ll drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink when either a) my meds are wearing off and I still need to get stuff done or b) I’m too exhausted to do stuff even with the adderall. I’ve found that adderall helps wake me up physically, but it isn’t as mentally refreshing as a half an hour break with a hot cup of coffee. I will, however, get jittery or irritable if I drink/have more than 180 mg of caffeine.
    3) Nicotine. I’ve actually quit this one, but I used to smoke when stressed in my freshman year of college (translation: I practically smoked all the time that year). I smoked as a coping mechanism for when I was so stressed and overwhelmed that I needed the cold fresh air and a chat with smoker friends to cool me off. The friends and the fresh air–definitely good for me. The nicotine? Not so much. I’m sure that minus the caffeine and adderall I would have tolerated it much better, but with the two, it sometimes fucked me up. My brain would restart itself from burnt-out back to functioning, but my thoughts would race and I’d get pissy. My hands would shake, and my heart would beat at a thousand miles an hour. Scariest of all, sometimes I’d get extremely painful chest aches, to the point where I’d be afraid I was having a heart attack.
    Moral of the story? Pick two at a time. If you think you need all three, what you probably need more than anything is a nap. Smoking and adderall was fine for me, as was caffeine and adderall, but put all three together and it can get very painful.

  3. I disagree. Maybe I have a high tolerance but every morning I take (2) 200mg caffeine tabs, 25mg XR Adderall, and I am a smoker. I don’t get any of that. I get the alert, stimulated feeling. I definately get things done! But, I don’t get jittery or restless and I’ve never had heart palpatations or start sweating. I talk alot (sometimes rapidly) but my thoughts aren’t scattered or anything. I am very focused and not anxious at all. Just a different opinion..

  4. Personal experience: Adderall + nicotine was not a bad combination, in my experience. I generally have no problems with Adderall, except bruxism and a crash in the evening when it wears off. So the combination made me more alert than usual, albeit somewhat euphoric. My energy level was a little too high (should have used lower Adderall + nicotine doses perhaps), and I wasn’t getting any studying done. However, I did have more motivation, and was completing errands/housework with ease, and actually exercised regularly. It’s nearly impossible for me to find motivation to exercise.
    People must have thought I was too bright-eyed and energetic.
    The caffeine (I didn’t even take very much) ruined the magic. It didn’t make me any more alert, but gave me heart palpitations, and made me very anxious. I couldn’t sit still. Too much stimulant in one go.

  5. I take adderall fairly regularly (20mg XR, average about 5 times a week, on weekdays) and with nicotine there was no real harm. I’d lose a lot of my productivity but it’s really nice for reducing stress and helping relax without dumbing me down.
    With caffeine, I already have a very low tolerance and usually get super jittery if I have two cups within an hour, so I couldn’t drink coffee on Adderall pretty much at all. It would help when I needed to get a LOT done, but beyond that it makes me very hyper and my thoughts race even faster than they usually do, making it harder to focus in some ways then if I had just not done either. That being said, I get way more productive but I wouldn’t feel good.
    Other comments: Adderall enhances dopamine uptake, and nicotine is very well known for increasing dopamine levels in your brain, so nicotine (I would imagine) becomes much more addictive when you are taking adderall vs when you’re otherwise sober; for me the nicotine high I get is way more intense. But, I have ADHD, so my brain chemistry is different from many other people’s, this is just an effect I’ve noticed and it makes the withdrawals from nicotine moderately more severe (nothing crazy or extreme). When I smoke tobacco (or other forms of nicotine drugs), I lose productivity, but mental functioning is still very sound (if not better, I just lose motivation quickly and would rather play videogames).
    My advise: use moderation. I haven’t taken all three drugs together and I have other friends who have (both prescribed Adderall for ADHD and not) and they have all had pretty serious symptoms, mostly to do with elevated blood pressure, giving them a sense of their chest closing in and mild onsets of a sense of panic. If you feel you need all three, keep in mind it’s pretty dangerous (anecdotal basis, haven’t read any scientific reports on the interactions between these three drugs or done it myself).

  6. I take Adderall xr 40 mg in the mornings with a monster max and a cig. And im prefectly fine. No side affects or anything. Doesnt make speed or nothing. And believe me i would know.
    I use to take the 20 mgs but i was dealing with the mid day crash and caffeine wouldnt even help anymore. So they increased it. But I’m only 115 pound 40 mgs is the highest they will go.
    If you weight 165 or less most you can be on is 40 mgs
    Nicotine hasnt really done anything with the adderall. I havent noticed a thing. And i smoke alot.
    But the caffeine that i drink because im always drinking monsters, red bulls, and coffees. Makes the adderall last longer. My doctor does want me to slow down on my caffeine because i drink about over 1000 mgs a day and thats too much for a normal person. But i also work 16 hour days 6 days a week.
    I hope this helped.

  7. Taking caffeine and adderall together lets you take less of both similar to the way certain antibiotics can be given in combination to lower the overall dosage. My advice would be to do this at first with caffeine pills rather then coffee since you can dose the caffeine accurately (they come in 200mg tabs typically, cup of 12oz Starbucks may have 240mg caffeine +/- 40mg). Obviously dosage depends on your body type and your tolerance to the drugs but as an example I am 150lbs, and take adderall 5 times per week, caffeine probably 5-6. During the week I typically take 100mg caffeine in the morning (occasionally with 2.5mg dextroamphetamine IR). Then in the afternoon (1pm) I usually take 5mg dextro IR and 40-60mg caffeine. I stay away from XR because the half life is too long especially if you plan on exercising which I typically do around 6-7pm.

  8. It’s like being really awake at your friends on a Xbox binge session. I think we played Xbox all night and the next day till I left sometime after the feeling of being jittery and wanting to do something constantly went away. It’s like a sub-form of speed for me. I just had this need to keep myself busy.

  9. I also have adhd (I know I have adhd because I had to get a psyche test for school in order to take adderall) but adderall gets me high for some reason. The effects are noticeable at larger than therapeutic doses but we don’t need to talk about that. I have only combined the two a couple times but I’ll try my hardest to remember. So when I do take adderall with not the best intentions in mind I become really confident and social but I also become tense and kind of anxious. But after I took a huge rip from my friends pulse I became really chill and relaxed and at the same time the ‘euphoria’ was increased. Talking on it didn’t feel like talking if you know what I mean(kinda like weed sometimes). The only downside to it was once the nic buzz wore off about an hour or later, I felt really jittery and paranoid.

    Eight O’Clock

  10. Practically this is not common. But if it happens, you experience an elevated level of central nervous system stimulation. You feel very alert (you cannot sleep=insomnia), palpitation, sweating, dry mouth, anxiety and a bit feeling of euphoria, fast breathing, irritability, trembling and restlessness

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