What is it like to be a realtor?

What is it like to be a realtor?

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  1. This is quite a difficult question. First of all, being a realtor requires a lot of sacrifice, everything is up to you and your ambition and determination. Working as a realtor is no different than any other profession/small business. You can be extremely successful, but you may barely make a living. It is nothing rare to see your friends leaving the business because things are not going as they expected. However, if you really want to give it a try, knowing the city and its neighborhoods is a tremendous asset if you choose this profession. Also, having experience in dealing with people is a big advantage. I work hard and therefore my job is very rewarding both financially and mentally. My typical day starts by discussion with my team members about what is on our agenda for the day ahead. After breakfast I start checking my emails and see what is new (listings, reports, etc.). Staying in touch with my clients is an important part of my business and therefore I try to answer all their questions. In the afternoon, I usually meet with my clients, past clients, other realtors, take care of administration, update my website. To put it simply, my days are really busy but I have to admit that I honestly love my career and I cannot imagine that I would not be a realtor.


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