What is in the Keurig descaling solution?

What is in the Keurig descaling solution?

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  1. Just fill the water reservoir with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. Keep on brewing until it’s gone. Refill with water.
    Brew a few norw cups to rinse out the system.
    You’re good to go.

  2. The Keurig Descaling solution is primarily Citric Acid. On the Material Safety Data Sheet, it the only active ingredient listed. It may contain water as well.

  3. I would say the “solution” to descaling a Keurig is to never put any water in it!
    Had at least 6 of those machines. Tried every combination trying to get two years out of a machine, including descaling, filtered water, nothing but distilled water, finally using nothing but distilled water and descaling quarterly. Still didn’t get two years out of the last machine. Gave up.
    Bought a Mr. Coffee and used earplugs for a month until my Mrs. stopped complaining. Better coffee and she eventually stopped missing it.

  4. I like my keurig.
    I won’t troll this forum about how blah blah coffee is better or using a cold drip method via a unicorns jockstrap is much better than the keurig…
    So here is the answer:
    Keurig Descaling Solution Ingredients
    Before we get too far, let’s ask a question? What are the Keurig Descaling Solution Ingredients? It took some searching, but the answer is out there. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients Keurig uses to make their descaling solution.
    >50% Citric Acid
    That means that more than half the solution is made up of citric acid. It’s a great cleaning agent that comes from nature, so you can feel comfortable using this cleaning your Keurig.
    <3% Silicic Acid.
    Less than 3% of the solution is silicic acid. Silicic acid is “a weakly acidic colloidal hydrated form of silica made by acidifying solutions of alkali metal silicates.” This is a stabilizing agent.
    <5% Phosphates and Bleaching Agents.
    Phosphates are salts containing phosphorus and other compounds. Phosphorus is a naturally occurring compound. These are cleaning agents included in the descaling solution.
    The rest of the solution is good ol’ H2O.
    All of these ingredients are designed to work together to get the scale out of your machine, without being too harsh on the machine itself. Every ingredient is water-soluble, allowing the machine to rinse the solution safely out of the machine, along with the calcified gunk clogging your machine.
    The purpose of this descaling solution is to clean the indoor plumbing lines of your machine by eradicating the built up mineral deposits in your machine. Once you have a bottle of this in your hand, you will want to use it immediately.

  5. Keurig descaling solution is the best home remedy to clean and get rid of calcification. it’s a natural cleaner used to unclog and descale your machine by dissolving the calcification from the inside of your Keurig coffee maker. You can then simply run several brew cycles with plain tap water through it to wash away the residue, and voila!
    Learn more About Keurig Descaling Solution and Is Keurig Descaling Solution Toxic or not.

  6. I only use zero water, or bottled distilled water in my Keurig, it will eliminate the need to descale, as the hardness components of the water are never introduced into the system.

  7. Have you ever tried diluted vinegar? I’m only asking because I know citric acid will take out the minerals but a diluted solution of acetic acid or watered down vinegar I know will dissolve mineral deposits. Then make sure to rinse it out well and run it a few times prior to actually drinking the coffee it makes.

  8. Hopefully acid. Such that it incapacitates your contraption whose own inventor regrets inventing. Buy at $10 Hario V60 Brewing Cone and make the best coffee you’ve had for 1/20th the price.


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