What is healthier in coffee, milk or cream?

What is healthier in coffee, milk or cream?

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  1. I feel compelled to write this answer, because the others are so wrong.
    Neither cream nor milk is unhealthy. Fat is not bad for you. In fact, fat is essential to your health.
    The trivial amount of milk or cream in your coffee isn’t going to have any serious impact on your health either way. Which is a shame, because both milk and cream are good for you.
    But of the two, milk is more “balanced”, nutritionally. It has a reasonable amount of all macronutrients, whereas cream is primarily milkfat. Having protein and milk sugar in addition to fat is beneficial, if you were consuming enough to matter.

    What is healthier in coffee, milk or cream?

    It should be noted, though, that caffeine is bad for you. It blocks your neurochemistry from accepting signals warning you when you’re tired. It gives you no energy, it just keeps you from feeling when you need rest. It produces increased cortisol, which lowers your intelligence, causes your body to store fat, and can decreasese testosterone (a hormone necessary for women as well as men). If you’re going to have coffee, at least adding milk dilutes it a bit.

  2. Milk.
    To name a few: It has undergone less processing, less fat, more protein, more omega-3 fatty acids, no unnatural flavourings, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and oftentimes cheaper than coffee creamer.
    Although, the best, healthiest coffee to have is black unsweetened, to reap the most benefits.
    Note: If you are using non dairy milk, look for brands with the least ingredients, and high plant content (ideally 8% or more plant ingredient).

  3. Milk is “healthier” as it is lower in fat, but if you’re really that concerned about its health effects you should consider swapping your double-double for plain black coffee—or skipping coffee altogether.

  4. What difference does it make?
    It’s coffee!
    Cream has more fat, but they are both calcium, and negligible quantities of anything
    Cream tastes far better.


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