What is healthier for your coffee/tea, powder creamer, half and half, cream, or milk?

What is healthier for your coffee/tea, powder creamer, half and half, cream, or milk?

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  1. With sugar in tea, unless for some weird reason you really like the taste of it.
    Creamer is just powdered milk and powdered white sugar, which means it’s basically three calories of fat per teaspoon. Creams contain high levels of saturated fat and even more sugars– blood sugar elevating cane or beet sugars that are making us fat and old before our time! Not to mention the scads of artificial colors and flavors that everyone who eats them hates!
    It would be better for your coffee or tea either with heavy cream (old fashioned) or 2% or less milk (newfangled).
    Ideally with a touch of real, natural honey if you want sweetness minus the negatives from other ingredients.

  2. I vote for pure heavy whipping cream. 1st, no carbs. 2nd, wow it tastes great. 3rd, you do not need much, just a splash.
    Get the good one with a screw cap, much easier to pour into your coffee.

    What is healthier for your coffee/tea, powder creamer, half and half, cream, or milk?

  3. As little as people add to their coffee, it probably makes little to no difference, but power creamer is mainly just sugar, fat, possibly trans fat, with added ingredients to make it act like creamer.
    If you’re really interested in saving calories and avoiding fat, drink your coffee black.

  4. If your heart is good and you don’t need to lose weight I say half and half for a number of reasons:
    You don’t use as much
    Powdered creamer is usually all synthetic and full of trans fats.
    Real cream mixed with milk has far less fat, and no water! More bang for your buck!
    That being said;
    I use a powder creamer that is keto friendly that is 100% real stuff) so if you want powder and have no health issues that’s my recommendation. There are several companies that make it.
    As another alternative, several companies now make a non dairy, nut or goat milk creamers that all taste great. ( No soy though ok?) I like these types because they don’t have all the allergy issues and I’m not limited by the whole fat content problem that comes with dairy. Be sure to check sugar content in these and get unsweetened. They taste great without the sugar!
    In conclusion, I say consider your optimal health, and go get one of the healthy options that works. Unless you drink a whole pot of coffee everyday, half and half all the way!
    Happy Eats!

  5. Milk is the best in my opinion, (and, from what I gathered about general nutrition of them all) because of these reasons.
    One ingredient.
    Medium calories. For 100 millilitres of 2% milk, 50 calories.
    If you get from grass-fed cows, nothing like artificial hormones or anything.
    All natural. (I don’t like that phrase in general, but in this case, has a grain of truth)
    It has not undergone a lot of processing.
    If you are very interested, I recommend doing your own research on the topic.

  6. I do half and half. There’s no sugar. The creamers have added sugar.
    Milk works too.
    Or you can do an oat milk or an almond milk. They’re creamy.

  7. There is little or no good scientific evidence (for example blinded controlled trials in humans) as to ‘healthiness’ of any foods. Most is epidemiological guesswork based on assuming association means causation. Try Malcolm Kendrick’s The Great Cholesterol Con for guidance and further reading.

  8. If you are going to pollute your coffee, cream is the most nutritious. However, European statistics indicate that putting a creamer in your coffee isn’t the healthiest thing you can do. From what they can figure, it presents a conundrum of sorts to your digestive process.

  9. Enjoy. All are healthier untill you do not exceed three cups, in total.
    I think you left to include green tea in your list which appears to be healthiest among all ( no sugar no milk etc.)


  10. I use 1% fat milk to save calories; I think it tastes fine. Two percent fat milk, whole milk, cream, and powdered non-dairy creamer all have more calories. Only nonfat milk has fewer calories but I don’t like the taste. Taking your coffee black with or without non-calorie sweetener is the lowest-calorie option

    Victor Allen’s

  11. The little bit you’d use per cup of tea wouldn’t make any of these truly unhealthy. As far as any nutrition, the milk would have a bit more for you

  12. If you want it to be healthy, than none of those.
    You can add a bit of sugar though if you can’t enjoy the taste of coffee, preferably palm sugar.

  13. How much are you using? I estimate 1/2 teaspoon powdered creamer, or maybe 1 tablespoon half/half, cream or milk. Unless you’re allergic to dairy, or to the chemicals in the powder, or vegan, or something else, I doubt it makes any difference.

    Eight O’Clock

  14. I would say NONE!
    Drinking black coffee or black English tea is always better.
    If you can not have it as black, milk ( with no sugar ) is better option among these. But again I would say, try switch to black coffee or tea soon.

  15. I don’t take anything in my coffee
    But 1%milk wouldn’t hurt you
    Whatever you do, don’t use powder creamer, it’s poison, full of chemicals. Not good for you at all


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