What is a safe and healthy alternative to morning coffee and cigarettes for someone who associates coffee with smoking?

What is a safe and healthy alternative to morning coffee and cigarettes for someone who associates coffee with smoking?

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  1. Morning tea and a vape! It worked for me 5 yrs ago.
    Be aware, though, that vapor must be inhaled VERY differently than smoke, if you want max nicotine absorption. Smoke is inhaled fast and very deeply, because its payload of nicotine and all the other psychoactive chemicals are microscopic solids that are absorbed in the deep alveoli of the lungs, where the gas exchange takes place. The nicotine in vapor is in liquid droplet form, which absorbs best in the mucosa of the mouth, throat, nose, and sinuses — BUT absorption of this type is MUCH slower, taking about 15 minutes rather than the 10 seconds of cigarette smoke, so you must be patient; don’t leap to the erroneous conclusion that “it’s not working” just because it’s not as immediate as with cigarette smoke.
    So, inhale VERY slowly… let the vapor hang around in your mouth and throat before inhaling any more deeply — or INSTEAD OF inhaling more deeply; then, exhale just as slowly, THRU THE NOSE… in that way, you’ll get both max nic absorption and max flavor.

  2. Tea would work as a coffee substitute. If you consume a fair amount of coffee, you may find that you experience a headache for a few days, starting 3 or 4 days after you quit. For me, the headaches would set in around noon and be gone by 5:00. Unpleasant, but they were pretty quickly over.
    For a robust and readily available tea, I recommend Barry’s Tea Gold Blend , which can be brewed quite strong with no bitterness. Another good blend is Yorkshire Gold . (Links are just to identify teas since you generally can find them in stores.)
    I do recommend getting an electric kettle (to boil water quickly), and I personally prefer loose tea and use a teapot with a filter or just use a tea strainer, letting the leaves swim loose in the pot.
    Quitting smoking is much the same in terms of withdrawal: a few days of mild suffering, and then it passes. I once smoked and simply quit. That was decades ago, so I don’t really recall any tactics I used.

  3. You associate coffee with smoking? But I would venture to presume you don’t only smoke with your morning coffee—very likely you smoke throughout the day, coffee or no coffee. Why do you do that? The reason, I think you will agree, is because you, like all smokers, are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes. Therefore in the mornings what you need is more nicotine, and the coffee is merely a habit.
    If you can free yourself of this unfortunate addiction—much easier than you might think—you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee, and, indeed, everything else in your life without the need to inhale poisonous tobacco smoke into your lungs all the time!
    How to return to the happy state (other things being equal) of being smoke- and addiction-free is indicated in this link:
    Quit smoking with the Symonds Method and get that Nicotine Monkey off your back
    Incidentally, some people seem almost proud of the fact that having smoked for decades they have switched their nicotine addiction to vaping—which they will likely continue for the rest of their lives. Don’t fall into this trap.


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