What happens when someone drinks 30 cup of coffee per day?

What happens when someone drinks 30 cup of coffee per day?

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  1. I used to drink 20+ cups of coffee a day.
    That level of intake has left me unable to consume more than tiny amounts of caffeine a day.
    I now drink decaff.
    Don’t be like Mark.

  2. Nothing will happen to you. I am drinking 35 to 40 cups of black coffee every day. It helps me to concentrate and think creatively. Yes, you are going to pee a lot.

  3. They turn into me.
    Seriously though, there are variables here that must be observed:
    What is the size of the coffee cup?
    What is the strength of the coffee?
    What is the caffeine sensibility of the drinker?
    Coffee, as it turns out, is actually remarkably healthy (provided you don’t add sugar to it), and has useful compounds like antioxidants, polyphenols and terpenes been shown to improve digestion, memory, help boost cardiac health as well as reducing the chances of some cancer types, including oral cancer, liver cancer and bowel cancer.

    This doesn’t mean you should start gulping coffee unabashedly, since some people do get adverse reactions from caffeine and/or have extreme sensibility to it. Even for those who have strong affinity to coffee, there is always a threshold after which they start getting negative effects. But for some people (yours truly included) that threshold seems to be quite high.
    It does mean that if you drink lots of coffee (NO SUGAR!) and you feel good and experience no negative symptoms like insomnia, jitteriness, or gastrointestinal issues, there is no valid reason to worry about it.

  4. You’ll probably pee a lot.
    More seriously, the LD50 (mean lethal dose) of caffeine is probably about 130 mg/kg of body weight, though that number is derived from studies with some very jittery mice. Researchers in the field of caffeine toxicity have pegged a lethal dose in humans at somewhere between five to ten grams of straight caffeine, but there is no solid research to back that figure up, just incidents complicated by other factors.
    (Note that a mean lethal dose is the amount that kills half of a test population–you could be in the other half.)
    Based on that data, though, I would estimate that the mean lethal dose of coffee is probably in the neighborhood of 150 to 200 cups, so you are probably not going to keel over from your 30 cups a day…unless…
    Human body biochemistry is complicated. If you have high blood pressure, for example, caffeine could be more toxic at lower doses. Or you may have caffeine intolerance, a catch-all for ill-understood reactions to the drug that could make you more sensitive to its effects. Or if you’re taking medications (particularly other stimulants) that interact with caffeine’s effects.
    Or if you’re getting your caffeine from so-called “energy drinks” which contain other stimulants of varying potency–that may have been the cause of at least one death in the literature attributed to caffeine overdose.
    All that said, at 30 cups of coffee a day (that’s 10X what many medical folks consider to be an optimal maximum) you will at least notice some of the many of the usual effects of excessive caffeine consumption that have been listed in detail in other Quora posts (some by me): insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, increased urination, increased heart rate and respiration, to cite a few. Caffeine tolerance built up over time, can mute some of these effects for some people, but they are still likely to occur to some degree.
    Have you tried decaf?


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