What happens if we mix coffee and tea and have it?

What happens if we mix coffee and tea and have it?

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  1. It’s called a “dirty” drink.

    What happens if we mix coffee and tea and have it?

    Hot & Dirty Chai Latte – Aeropress
    Dirty Chai is actually a good drink mixing spices, black tea, and espresso.

  2. We drink it all the time. It’s served in coffee shops across Malaysia. Transliterated to the Cantonese language pronunciation “yinyong” (yin-yang) coffee with tea is commonly known as Kopi Cham (cham meaning “mix”) – it is also a popular beverage in Hong Kong.

    What happens if we mix coffee and tea and have it?

    A traditional beverage for over half a century Kopi Cham came up because coffee is considered “heaty”, and tea which is “cooling” reduces heat-iness of the body. Which is also why it’s known as “yinyong” (yin-yang) in mainly Cantonese Hong Kong – a complementary balance.

  3. I incidentally tried it on a long haul flight, Beijing-Rome. The idea was to have a cup of soluble coffee. Instead of adding water I added tea. Draining the cup and start over with hot water would have been logical, but there was nothing to drain it in. And frankly, I was curious on how it’d have tasted like. Not too bad, really. I took it back with me to my seat and told the guy I was traveling with. He thought it was outrageous but finally gave in and wanted to try it. But only if I had a tea-coffee too. So I fixed us two cups and brought them back. He sipped and made childish noises, protesting it was awful, disgusting, sick. So I finished my and his cup. Taste-wise it was ok. Problem was that we had been flying for less than an hour and I didn’t manage to sleep even 5 minutes. Never tried it again, didn’t even think about it, till someone on quora asked what happens if you mix coffee and tea. Cheers

  4. What happens if we mix coffee and tea and have it?
    You might get a Dirty Chai! I love this stuff. It’s espresso mixed with Chai tea. Good stuff, but oh so energy inducing. Wooo! ^^
    Dirty Chai Tea Latte (Concentrate)

  5. For years most of us have been under the assumption that tea and coffee were two separate entities and never the Twain shall meet.
    But that’s simply not true.There are people who mix tea and coffee together with absolutely no consequences.

    Victor Allen’s

  6. Quite the barista mind we got there, aye? When you mix coffee and tea together, the two drinks create a third drink somewhere between coffee and tea . The flavour of this drink is unique, and many people find it quite enjoyable.
    There are endless possibilities when creating different coffee and tea blends. But, if you’re just starting, here are a few basic recipes to get you started.
    For a classic black coffee and tea blend, start with one part coffee to two parts tea. Steep the tea leaves in hot water for 3-5 minutes, then strain and add them to your freshly brewed coffee.
    If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also create flavoured blends by adding various herbs and spices to the mix.
    Brewing coffee and tea together can create a unique and delicious taste. The two beverages balance each other out, and the blended drink can be enjoyed hot or cold.
    Coffee has a more robust flavour that can overpower tea, but adding tea to coffee can help to mellow out the bitterness. Tea has a natural sweetness that goes well with the bitterness of coffee and vice versa. When brewed together, the two drinks create a well-rounded flavour perfect for any time of the day.
    Some establishments offer that selection, so it’s also good to try out those offers when you get the chance. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe! Just ask them to skip out on the milk, of course, if you’re lactose intolerant. But overall, it’s a good drink!

  7. Brew a pot of tea and put a teaspoon of instant coffee in your cup. Add the tea and see. My preference is to add some milk and sweetener.❤️

  8. Probably nothing. I am not sure but I think we used to get that sort of mixed up beverage in Hotel Basera, near Clock Tower, S.D.Road, Secunderabad (apologies to them if they did not mix it up)…but we used to get a cup of something that we could not identify – whether it was coffee or tea…we used to have our technical meetings there (Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing, Hyderabad Chapter)…
    I have taken tea and coffee at several places in my long life…roadside, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, friends and relatives houses etc. apart from my own house…I could always identify the beverage – whether it was tea or coffee….not at that hotel….we used to really wonder whether they mixed up both but refrained from commenting or asking them out of politeness….
    Anyway, it would be an interesting experiment and I would be waiting for your report on how it goes….

  9. I do that regularly. Sometimes I drink only coffee, typically espressos and sometimes tea only, but oftentimes I pour coffee into my container of tea and vice versa.
    What happens when I drink it? I find it to be of a good taste and imbibable.
    Effect? Sometimes the stimulative impact keeps me awake all night, at other times nothing happens.

  10. Not a good idea as with both beverage being relatively high in caffeine the two mixed together might or could cause a very bad dose of insomnia. If you want to give it a try go ahead but you won’t sleep a wink all night.

    Eight O’Clock

  11. I do it all the time, but it’s not very pleasant, not even tolerable to drink. Apparently, it smells like… like pungent alien blood or something. The reason is, I mix dark instant coffee with dark tea liquor without milk or even sugar. It is as strong as a Klingon warrior and after drinking, for a brief moment, I feel like I need to throw up.l, but after several minutes or so, the magic works.
    It tastes extremely pungent and spicy, filled with unrefined coffee aroma. On first sip, you’ll feel like spit and drink something else to suppress the pungent smell, but if you hold the breath and down this without even a second thought, you’ll have to hold your nausea for several minutes. After that, the fun begins.
    It feels like a rush to confidence and self esteem. You’ll feel that you’ll need to finish something. The euphoria remains nearly an hour depending on the strength of the dark tea and how much coffee powder you’re brave enough to dump.
    It’s awesome.


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