What happens if a Mormon drinks coffee?

What happens if a Mormon drinks coffee?

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  1. I assume it is meant what happens if a Latter-day Saint drinks coffee? It probably gets digested and peed out.
    One does not need to run to the Bishop and confess. But if it was a one time deal, the practice should be re-abandoned. It a habit develops then perhaps a chat with the Bishop would help.
    In reality, I know a lot of Latter-day Saints who drink coffee. In fact, many years ago a very active member of the Church in the small branch I was attending drank coffee and smoked cigarettes. He didn’t advertise it, but didn’t hide it either. As a young college student, I couldn’t figure him out. It concerned me. And he was an assistant branch clerk, and that bothered me.
    Then, near the end of my college career, I found out that he had tried to give up smoking several times, but just couldn’t. He had a firm testimony of Jesus Christ as his Savior and that The Church of Jesus Christ was true. He brought his family to Church every week. He was a wonderful fellow. But (gasp) he smoked and drank coffee. I also found out that, because the closest temple at the time was over 800 miles away, and before the Washington Temple was built the hearest temple was over 1000 miles away, whenever a couple went to be sealed or married in the Temple, he would pay for the trip. He paid to help send young men into the mission field. His heart was pure, but he had a habit he could’t shake.
    I don’t know what became of him. I don’t know if he is even still alive. But he was a good man. Jesus Christ knows his heart, his intent, and his failings. Isn’t that, in part, what His Atonement is all about. He may not have been allowed into the Temples of the Church in this life, but I have a strong suspicion (and hope) that we will share eternity together in the Celestial Glory of God. He taught me a lot and his life was a blessing to me as I was able to see things from a broader perspective.

  2. I believe the preferred term now, is Mormonian.
    If a Mormonian drinks coffee, he’ll be shunned or some damn thing. Yes, Coffee is a stimulant, but no more of a stimulant than a lot of other foods. Some goofball leader decided they shoudln’t drink coffee,, so they sheep followed. People are dumb.

  3. It depends. do they lie to their bishop & stake president about it during their temple recommend interviews?
    If they lie about drinking coffee, they get to go to the Mormon temple and partake in some “mystery cult” activities with their fellow congregants.
    If they tell the truth about drinking coffee, their temple recommend is denied, and they will be shamed for daring to drink hot, caffeinated morning beverages by their friends & family, and will be unable to participate in said “mystery cult” activities until they either stop drinking coffee, or start lying about not drinking coffee.
    And for those keeping score at home, I’m using a more-or-less “technical” definition of mystery cult in my answer here.
    All the mystery cults placed emphasis on the secrecy of their practices and an emotional initiation ritual for a new member to join the group. The members were voluntary participants, had nocturnal settings and preliminary purifications for their gatherings, there was an obligation to pay in order to participate, promised rewards for this life and the next, and the older mysteries were located at a variable distance from the nearest city. ….. And though the mysteries were secret, they were not very mysterious
    Greco-Roman mysteries – Wikipedia
    The Mormon temple ritual neatly checks all of the same boxes as greco-roman mystery cults/mystery religions if you prefer.
    Emphasis on secrecy? Mormons use the phrase “sacred not secret.” But yes. Check.
    Voluntary? Strongly encouraged by LDS leadership, and required for some church service, church weddings, and missionary work. But technically not required for membership. Check
    Ritual purifications? Check
    Payment required? 10% yearly tithe. Check.
    Secret not mysterious? Rituals stolen from freemasons. Check.
    So to sum up, the primary consequence for Mormons for drinking coffee, is denial of access to temple rituals that strongly resemble the criteria used to describe Greco-Roman mystery cults.

  4. Nothing. They drink caffeinated soft drinks all the time. My brother who is a devout Mormon drinks more caffeine than I do and I am an atheist.

  5. They have broken the Word of Wisdom- a requirement to obey if a Mormon wants to honestly pass a temple recommend worthiness interview. You would be not able to attend the temple and would be ostracized forever from the highest degree of eternal glory.

    Victor Allen’s

  6. If its decaf nothing but the caffeine will devoure their soul and eternally damn them to hell. Or whatever it is they believe takes the place of normal Christian hell.


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