What gift should I give to a coffee lover?

What gift should I give to a coffee lover?

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  1. I would recommend the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, it will change the way he experiences his coffee. Even though it is a little pricy it was worthed every penny to have my coffee at the perfect temperature until I finished it.
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  2. When you’re looking for a fun and creative gift idea, gift baskets are a great way to go. You can add your personal touch to any gift basket. For the coffee lover in your life, you can create a gift basket that will be sure to satisfy their taste buds while letting them know that you have put a lot of thought into their gift. You can get very creative with coffee gift baskets by adding a variety of flavors to this special package. When you make a coffee gift basket, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the basket itself. You can use a bag, box, bucket, or any other type of container. You can just let your creative juices flow. Once you have selected the container for your coffee gift basket, you are ready to start filling it. This is where the fun comes from.

    What gift should I give to a coffee lover?

    Filling your coffee gift basket
    The first thing you want to add to your coffee gift basket is coarse coffee. There are many types to choose from. Most people like to add gourmet coffee beans to gift baskets as a centerpiece. You can find these at the grocery store or one of the many coffee houses. Some gourmet coffee can be purchased in a decorative bag that will add a touch of class to any coffee gift basket. You can also add some instant coffee as it is perfect for the coffee lover. You may also find some sample flavors of coffee in small bags that will help fill the basket.
    Once you have coffee in your container, you should consider what kind of flavors you want to add to your gift basket. There are so many different coffee syrups on the market that you will find something that you think your coffee lovers might enjoy. Add a few bottles to that and you will surely put a smile on the faces of the recipients. What about creamer? Some people enjoy creamer in their coffee and once again there is a wide variety to choose from. By this time your basket will start filling up.
    The most important thing
    One of the most important items for a coffee gift basket will be a nice coffee cup. This will be one of the best items that you can add to your special gift. This is where you can add a touch of personality to the gift. Whether it is a large or small cup, you must have a coffee cup to complete the coffee gift basket.

  3. Do they have a decent, well working coffeemaker? If not, give them a new one.
    Otherwise, find some cool coffee flavors at Jungle Jim’s! Those never go amiss.
    Or give them a lot of gift cards to Starbucks and the like.

  4. My coffee loving friends are very choosy about their brew, so I think it would be hard to buy them coffee as a gift.
    I would make up a basket of assorted cookies and add a good sized mug. Because what coffee lover wouldn’t want some cookies to go with a big mug of their favorite coffee blend.


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