What foods are best for mental work?

What foods are best for mental work?

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  1. Don’t eat heavy. Meats such as beef and pork in a meal will make you more tired after you’ve eaten. Fish and chicken don’t pull you down as much.
    Spicy foods (but not too spicy) will kick up your alertness. Eating something with a little bite just before a mental task will perk you up and put your brain into high gear.
    Cold foods will pick you up better than a hot meal. The warmth in the food will slow your body down.
    Foods with a bit of (real) sugar in them will provide some quick energy. Foods high in protein will provide energy over the long run.
    Eating until your are barely feeling sated will help, too. If you are too full, you will just want to lay around, while not eating enough will cause you to focus on your hunger, not your task. Eating something small will quell the hunger, but not enough to make you want to sleep.
    Basically, a salad with a little lean meat or seafood, nuts, or egg, combined with a spicy sweet dressing and a pepperoncini, should get your mental juices flowing for the duration of what you are doing.


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