What drinks give me the most value for a free Starbucks reward?

What drinks give me the most value for a free Starbucks reward?

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  1. Here is what I do for my sister sometimes to bring her home a drink.
    Keep this in mind, you are only doing this to maximize your value, not because of anything else.
    Ask for a venti iced chai tea latte with 12 pumps of chai, whole milk and no ice , then go home and get a cup of ice and pour it in. This gives you the biggest bang for your buck while having your favorite drink.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I don’t like sweet fraps and such. So, I just had a reward and went with a Venti Caffe Latte, added 2 shots of flavor, Hazelnut and Vanilla. Two shots of espresso, whipped cream and mmmhm mmmhm goodness. I think I spent an imaginary $12. Yum.

  3. The drink that gives you the most value for a free Starbucks reward is a hot coffee, not an espresso drink or iced coffee.
    Hot coffee drinks can be redeemed for 50 stars, while other drinks cost 150 stars. This seems reasonable because coffees are typically priced around $2-$3, while espresso and iced drinks like lattes and cold brews are typically priced around $5-$6.
    The key to maximizing the value of your hot coffee drink reward is to customize it so that it tastes as good as a latte.
    There happens to be a not-so-well-known drink on the hot coffee menu that allows you to do just that: the Caffe Misto.
    The Caffe Misto is “a one-to-one combination of fresh-brewed coffee and steamed milk.”
    It sounds basic, but when you customize it with the right flavors, it tastes just as good as a latte.
    After some experimentation, I created my own version of a “pumpkin spice” Caffe Misto by adding a couple of pumps of pumpkin sauce, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and pumpkin spice topping. This makes it taste just like a pumpkin spice latte. I also substituted 2% milk for coconut milk because I prefer the taste.
    You can adjust your syrup, sauce, toppings, and milk to fit your preferences.
    Here’s what my order looks like:

    What drinks give me the most value for a free Starbucks reward?

    With all of the customizations, this drink costs $5.62 for a Grande.
    A Venti costs over $6.
    But even with all of the customizations, it still only costs 50 stars when paying with rewards.
    That, my friends, is a steal.
    I was so excited when I discovered this rewards hack, that I even signed up for the Chase Starbucks credit card.
    The card normally offers a bonus of 4,500 stars, but last month, they ran a special promo for 6,500 stars.
    Some quick math told me that if I used all of these bonus stars on my cust…

  4. Whichever one you will enjoy the most.
    Seriously, as you reference, you can make up some kitchen-sink drinks “worth” $18, but they are likely going to be disgusting to actually drink. That’s hardly “value”.
    What’s your favorite go-to? Have them make a gussied-up or oversized version of that, and enjoy. Or try something you’ve wondered about but did not want to risk spending money on if you didn’t like it.
    The whole point of a freebie is not to think about money. Live like a super-rich person for a minute and just get what you want without thinking about what it costs or what it’s worth.

  5. Wellllllll! Typically the most expensive ones will but!! If you check your email frequently it’ll tell you exactly which ones give you extra points and what days you get double points! So check that out and you’re good to go! 🙂

  6. To start, venti is always best.
    Next start to think: do you want coffee in your drink? Do you want your drink to be hot or cold?
    This will lead you into one of 3 avenues: hot coffee drinks, cold fruity drinks, and cold coffee drinks.
    The hot coffee drinks that are most expensive (and tastiest) are the lattes. Add extra espresso shots if you’re feeling audacious, and ask the baristas what their favourite recipes are (the syrup combos they use when they make their own drinks).
    Cold fruity drinks consist of smoothies (only available in a grande but you can ask them to pour it into a venti cup to ensure you get everything from the blender). If you want to go big, you can get a green tea, strawberry & creme, or vanilla bean frappuccino (with raspberry syrup added if you so desire).
    You can get any coffee based frappuccino, but feel free to substitute the frap-coffee-base for espresso shots. Again refer to your barista, as they have tones of experience about what tastes good and what doesn’t.
    At the end of the day, if you show the barista your free drink and tell them you want to go big, they’ll help you.

    Bonus: if you’re feeling extra audacious buy a biscotti (extra) and ask the barista to blend it into your frappuccino. It will probably change your life.

  7. To make the most out of your free reward without raising an eye brow, I usually grab a food item (sandwich or lunch pack). These have the highest value (currently $5.95) while a Venti Frappuccino is $4.95. These sandwiches can be left in the fridge for a day or two or three.
    If you want to make the most out of your freebie, you have to do what others said. Get an iceless drink with multiple shots to dilute it and enjoy little at a time.

  8. My customers usually save their rewards for when they can drink the Iced Venti Quad Caramel Macchiatos with extra drizzle. Or if you’re a frappucino type of person – the Venti Frapps with the added shots can sometimes equal to over $7. It’s an awesome day when you can cash out on your free drinks! ;).
    Thanks for your request!

  9. Unfortunately, unlike physical objects, Starbucks drinks are perishable. Which makes them not valuable in the usual sense. What do you like to drink that costs the most money? That would be the best value for you. For me, I drink a Venti Chai latte with skim milk. Cost: $5.39. It’s nice to save $5.39 once in a while and it’s great on my birthday.

  10. Definitely the Frapaccinos especially the coffee based ones, the prices for frapps jump up above all the rest. Do you like the taste of coffee? Throw in a shot of espresso to really capitalize on the situation. Ever tried soy milk? I wouldn’t recommend it from a diet point of view but if you really want to try it, that’s extra right there. Experience: 3+ years as a barista/supervisor at Starbucks.

  11. Are you asking what kind of drinks you can get for free at Starbucks? I think if you hang outside the back door near closing you can probably get a whole bunch of free coffee. Granted, it will probably be cold and burnt but it’s free!

  12. I personally usually recommend a venti banana split frappuccino (used to be strawberries and cream base, now serious strawberry with puree blended in, vanilla bean powder, java chips, and a banana). Without the free drink, it’s like $8, but damn is it good!


  13. I don’t really think it’s a waste. You can always add extra chai or you can ask for a trenta iced chai latte for your free drink which is 30 ounces as opposed to the 26. You can always add a shot or two to your iced chai for your free drink if you want. I , myself, would get a Venti hot drink or a Venti frappucinno and add a shot or two. You can add shots to your rewards drinks which makes them stronger. The most expensive drinks are 5.68 and they are the Venti specialty frappucinnos and iced lattes such as the pumpkin spice, caramel brûlée and a few others that just came out. As said before, feel free to add an extra shot or two or an extra flavoring pump to go in your free drink.

  14. Most people don’t know that the free rewards work on more than just a drink. You could get a bottle Evolution drinks that is usually over $5, or you could get a lunch or breakfast sandwich(if you get a lunch sandwich it usually costs over $6).
    But if you are looking for a more expensive drink just try adding new flavor a to it. A lot of customers that get chia tea lattes will add a flavor to it like vanilla or will get it with shots of espresso in it. I would also recommend getting a chai creme frappucino and get Carmel drizzle, 2 shots of espresso, vanilla syrup, with frappucino chips.
    Honestly you can get anything drink combination that you want and I would try looking at the Starbucks secret menu to see if anything listed fits your fancy, and remember that the larger the drink more expensive.

    Victor Allen’s

  15. TLDR: It depends. Not all locations have the same products and sizes. Some locations offer a fourth and largest size called the Trenta and only on certain drinks. But it might not even be a drink, the edibles at Starbucks generally carry a higher dollar value than most drinks. Additionally you can jazz up your drink (and its price) with extra pumps of this, shots of that (espresso) at the tolerance and amusement or your barista.

    What drinks give me the most value for a free Starbucks reward?

    If you are just paying normally and are a gold member and plan on staying for a while… order the smallest size (lowest price) of tea or coffee and take advantage of their free refills.
    Keep in mind you can use your rewards for bakery items too. It doesn’t have to be a drink. A panini or “”power lunch” (if offered) top out around $7-$8.
    What can you get for free:
    “Available at participating Starbucks stores: One complimentary handcrafted beverage (standard Starbucks menu sizes only) or food item, or ready-to-drink bottled beverage such as an Evolution Fresh juice at participating Starbucks stores; OR
    Available at participating Teavana stores: one complimentary tea beverage (standard Teavana menu sizes only), or 1-ounce serving of loose leaf tea; OR
    Available at participating Evolution Fresh stores (located in the U.S. only): one complimentary handcrafted beverage (standard Evolution Fresh menu sizes only), or ready-to-drink Evolution Fresh bottled beverage.”
    The most expensive drinks are about $13-$14. Obviously …

    Eight O’Clock

  16. Do you want something drinkable by yourself?
    I had been using my rewards by getting venti mocha fraps with 1–2 affogato shots, and a few extra pumps of frap coffee, keeping the syrup the same. These are $7–8ish, depending on the options.
    A few times, I have maxed out a hot venti cup with ristretto shots. 24 shots are $20ish and this can be frozen into a silicone cube ice tray without too much degradation in flavor for up to a week, but I share these with a friend. It’s too much for one person, and the flavor will change after many days, even frozen. We use them to make iced espresso by adding a little hot water to partially melt a cube, and then pouring in cold milk. It was my friend’s good idea.
    I am sure it is a bit of a strain on Starbucks, but if I’m spending money repeatedly to get the reward, it’s like a discount. Add the great rewards challenges, and I can earn rewards faster than that. In less than a year, I have exchanged quite a lot of my money for “treat myself” experiences and caffeine and sugar boosts enough times to not feel guilty about using some of my rewards this way.
    I have no illusions about what I get out of my relationship with Starbucks and its hardworking baristas. I make my choices within the boundaries of sanity. (^-^)

  17. I always go for the boxed salads with my Starbucks reward which costs more than any normal drink. Saves me from buying or making lunch that day.

  18. If you’d like to know which coffee drinks provide you with the most rewards I would not go to Starbucks. I would get a drink that lets the coffee be coffee. Not the store, or the fancy cups, or the aprons.
    Coffee is amazing. It’s incredible. But it’s hard to know that under milk, and sugar, and syrup.
    Venture out to your local specialty/hipster coffee place and try something they recommend without milk. You’ll be amazed at the natural flavors coffee can provide sans syrup.


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