What does the term “bold coffee” mean?

What does the term “bold coffee” mean?

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  1. “Bold” – as regards coffee – is often used to infer the roast. This is a bit of a misnomer – as “bold” can also be used to define the “flavor” of a coffee. Think the smell/flavor of a coffee candle or scratch’n’sniff. Something with “bold” coffee flavor comes close to that. Think the first pot of Folgers (disregarding every pot after that) or the aroma when you walk into a McDonalds at 7 AM any weekday morning. NOT the smell when you walk into Starbucks – as that smell is of dark roast espresso (which is a much different category than the sweet smell of a South American, medium roast coffee). If engaged in conversation about “boldness” of coffee you may wish to clarify if the other person is implying roast (dark, medium, light) or flavor.


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