What does milk tea taste like?

What does milk tea taste like?

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  1. Milk Tea, also known as True Cream Oolong or Jin Xuan, is from that bountiful tea area in Nantou, Taiwan, grown at an elevation of between 400-500 m. We are more accustomed to tea leaves giving up floral notes, even when no flowers have been added, or to evocations of dried fruit and roasted grains when none has been added, but milk is more startling. In this instance, the lactones come forth and yield this unexpected flavor, with no essences added. When cooperative weather and ambient conditions all come together, this is a great example of the range of flavors tea plants have to offer, with nothing added that was not already in the leaf. Mouthfeel is smooth and buttery (of course!), supple and velvety with no bite. The grower recommends 5 grams to 5 oz of spring water, steeping 4 minutes at 170-185°F.; we suggest using 4 grams of tea to try first.

  2. There is no way anyone can tell you what the taste is. You have to discover that for yourself. Many people pooh-pooh the act of putting milk in their tea, but I quite like it. But I use whipping cream (heavy cream) in mine, and it takes very little for me. I like just enough to take out that taste in tea that makes me want to pucker up. I am also one who uses sugar in my tea. I can have tea two ways, sugar and lemon (never add milk or cream to this one) or sugar and cream (or milk). I usually prefer sugar and cream. And don’t let tea snobs tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with tea. It is your cup of tea, and you are free to prepare it as you like. You can brew it in your cup or in a pot. But I really must caution you to use boiling water for your tea to “brew” or steep properly. It really needs to steep for at least 5 minutes to develop a depth of flavor sufficient to be called “tea.” Otherwise it’s basically just colored water and won’t have much flavor.

  3. Well it depends on the country since they have their own recipe, but the people in HongKong use Brewed Black tea and Milk.
    I am not a fan of Milk Tea since adding Milk and Sugar if the tea is Bitter isn’t to good on Health or Teeth. It’s better to drink plain brewed tea if you like the benefits. It is OK to drink beverages with tea in it, but they add stuff to it. Just try making it yourself it’s cheaper and not as fancy.

  4. Different country has different ways of serving tea. The English tea served with milk is the most basic type of milk tea, but in Asia, milk tea is a completely different type of drink. In Taiwan milk tea is chilled, with ice or ice blended and added with pearl shaped spongy balls made of tapioca or sweet potatoes flour known as bubble tea. This is a current craze where many bubble tea shops and franchises are sprouting everywhere in South East Asia and also spreading fast to other countries including Australia, Japan and even U.K. In Thailand, their milk tea is another level as the taste is a blended creamy, silky taste of milk with an aromatic distinctive taste of their tea. In India, the milk tea that is normally drank is the masala milk tea which is milk tea with added spices.

  5. What’s milk tea?
    Black tea with a drop of milk in it?
    It tastes like tea with a drop of milk in it of course.
    I can’t describe it to you…just try it out and see. But don’t use any of that American tea, get some English breakfast tea bags.
    The amount of milk matters.
    The one on the left is too milky the one on the right is just right

    What does milk tea taste like?

    Eight O’Clock

  6. I was married to a lady from Scotland (born & raised). One of the charming things she did was “high tea”. It is like an English version of the Japanese Tea ceremony.
    Everyone is dressed up. Very fancy pastry delacacies are served. I thought that this was a lot of trouble for a cup of tea, but I figured I had better be gracious and go along. I was doing OK . Then I had the bright idea of adding a big squeeze of lemon juice to my “hot tea” with milk. Uh oh, the acidness of the lemon curdled the milk and it looked like hell. Being a quick thinker, I “chug-a-lunged” the whole cup of tea before my wife noticed. Man, it was rank. But I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t show your new wife just how uncultured you really are.

  7. Assuming you have tasted milk, and assuming you are referring to Cow’s milk it taste like Cow’s milk with tea.
    Obviously if it’s Earl Grey it will have a taste of Bergamot.
    If it’s Mint tea…. I would not try that one, it will taste awful.
    Stupid question.

  8. Here’s a suggestion. It may not have occurred to you.
    Why not try it? Yes, actually try tea with milk.
    You would then be able to answer your own question.

  9. Do you mean tea with milk, or bubble tea?
    If you mean tea with milk, it is very nice, I like it because you can’t taste most of the tannins, which will be covered by the milder milk, so it is less bitter than black tea. And also I find it less upsetting on the tummy when I am sick, so that is a plus side. But I wouldn’t put and sugar or sweetener in my tea, I don’t like it sweet.
    Bubble tea though, is more like a dessert, too sweet to be a tea to me. But, I would like it with a small cupcake perhaps.

  10. If we talk about a high quality black tea with a little bit of high quantity skimmed milk (a cloud) it tastes a bit less strong and sweeter. However, I would never ruin a high quality black tea by adding milk since I enjoy the pure taste of the tea.
    If we talk about matcha latte, it depends of the quality of the matcha and the amount of it. Plus if they add sugar, syrup or sweetener, which makes things worse. Most of the matcha lattes I have tried in Europe don’t taste good at all. The ones in Japan however, taste delicious.
    If we refer to Royal milk tea, sold bottled in Japan, it tastes nice but is far too sweet for my liking.
    If is Bubble tea what we talk about, I only tried it once and I found its flavour quite artificial. However, there might be some brands out there that taste better.

  11. Milk tea tastes awesome.
    In India , People mostly drink Milk tea rather than just a cup of brewed tea bag.This is a very common thing here. In most of the houses the day starts with a cup of hot milk tea, you can also add variety of Indian spices to it like Green cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi leaves(Holy basil). These spices not only enhances the taste of the Tea it also all may heath benefits
    While preparing a Milk tea one should take care of the proportion of milk they add. More milk will reduce the essence of the tea.

    Victor Allen’s

  12. I only put milk in Ceylon tea or Earl Grey or Thai tea. I don’t like the taste of milk and tea with any other kinds of tea. When I add milk, I also add sugar, (half and half for Thai tea). I do drink all three of the above plain, as well. I drink most ‘real’ tea, (aka Camillia sinensis), plain, as my dad informed me that my ancestors would swoon if I drank it any other way, but I frequently add lemon and sugar to iced teas, and I always sweeten herbal teas.
    Milk tends to cut the taste of the acid in the tea, mellowing it out.

  13. Milk tea will taste pretty much like whatever type of tea from which it’s made. For example, if made from green tea, it will taste like green tea that is sweetened.
    Most milk tea is sweet in taste, though it again will differ from one type of te to another.
    You just need to try some to really know.

  14. To put it simply, the final taste depends on what kind of milk and what kind of tea you have chosen.
    Different feed ingredients, varying farmhouse environments, and various lipids in the milk itself will affect the final taste of the Milk .

    What does milk tea taste like?

    (Capsella bursa-pastoris, a kind of Crucifer)
    For example, if you feed your cows a crucifer, the milk will have a radish flavor. If sugar beets, then shady flavor.
    There are even more factors that affect the flavor of the Tea soup , from the tea seeds to the whole process of the final tea, any change anywhere will bring changes to the flavor of the final tea soup.

    What does milk tea taste like?

    (The Taste of Tea)
    The environment where the tea tree grows, the techniques and experience of the tea farmer, the different tea production processes, the way and length of storage of the final tea leaves, the different techniques of tea infusion, the different water quality, and even the different physical and mental states of the tea drinker… All of these will affect the taste of the tea soup that comes into your mouth.
    Tender tea buds will contain more theanine, which means more freshness.
    Tea leaves picked in the the summer contain more caffeine, meaning more bitterness.
    Tea trees that contain different alcohols will have different aromas of their own, such as a tea with a higher linalool content will have an orchid aroma.
    The tea with heavy fermentation (such as black tea) will have a sweeter, stronger and mellower taste.
    For the same serving of tea, using a lower water temperature will result in a sweeter taste.
    Teas that have been stored for a longer period of time have undergone more oxidation and fermentation process, resulting in a softer taste.
    Water used to infuse tea that contains more calcium and aluminum will make the tea soup astringent and bitter.


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