What does have a great day mean?

What does have a great day mean?

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  1. It depends on their intention, meaning their true feelings toward you and the situation. You can guess at their intention based off of their tone, facial expression, and the overall situation:
    1.) Did they seem sarcastic or friendly?
    2.) Were they smiling or muttering it under their breath?
    3.) What was the atmosphere of the conversation? Was there a disagreement prior to their comment?
    It’s impossible to know someone else’s intentions, but this can hopefully give you some clues. You can always follow up and ask if the person is upset or happy.

  2. For me just some moments can make my day good :-
    It can be watching the calm weather while standing on my terrrace.
    Talking to a old friend having all nostalgic feelings .
    Completing my daily studying task and felling woah you have atleast done something ( which rarely happens)
    Making a tasty cold coffee 😋and getting complements . And many more things
    These small moments can make my day happy and beautiful . And the similarly some small bad things can make my day bad :-
    Like just using my phone for too many hours and then just having a feeling of sadness ( for no reason)
    Or just being mean to mom and then regretting it so badly ( this happens rarely to)
    Just having the feeling that I am useless
    But these small things makes our life beautiful .

    What does have a great day mean?

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  3. It depends on what level you’re analyzing it.
    At the pure surface level, grammatically it’s an order: “(I am instructing you to) have a nice day.”
    As intended and understood, it’s actually a wish: “(I hope you) have a nice day.” Which is nice.
    Semantically, as used, though, it’s almost empty of meaning. It’s a formula handshake phrase, and usually the person saying it doesn’t care if you have a nice day or if you die in a fire. It’s just a thing which is expected to be said, and therefore is reflexively just said, being more formal that “see you later!” and not as formal as “goodbye!”. Sometimes the person saying it is actually expressing a hope that you have a day that you will enjoy, but most often than not what it means is “this terminates our interaction.” or, in computer networking terms, it’s FIN.

  4. It doesn’t mean much – it’s the kind of thing shop assistants are told to say to customers at the end of a transaction. It’s just a general good wish, but it’s meaningless when said to a stranger by someone who has been ordered to say it. I have been known to react unkindly if it’s been said to me by someone who though a minion, who can’t help me, has seemed to enjoy being obstructive (in a call centre for instance).
    In fact I heard some time ago that some people were abbreviating it to HAND – oh the trouble if the boss found out! But both the shop assistants and customers know it’s meaningless.
    Said by a colleague as you are leaving the staff room to go have a picnic with your kids though, it’s genuine, she’s wishing a pleasant afternoon for you, so take it as she means it!

  5. Depends on the tone in which it was said. For example if a genuinely friendly person tells you to have a great day, then that person is hoping the rest of your day is trouble free, enjoyable, and successful.
    If said in an ugly tone, then that person is hoping your day will be unpleasant.
    The majority of people genuinely are hoping the rest of your day goes well for you!

  6. When it is meant with sincerity it is a well-wishing farewell, much like Goodbye.
    It is short for “May you have a pleasant day.”
    Likewise, saying “Bless you!” (after someone sneezes) is short for “May God bless you” and means something like “Good health to you”.
    In any event, these are all examples of what I call “covert conditionals”, which also uses …

  7. It’s what is known as a pleasantry. It need not be sincere,though it can be. Just as “How are you today?” is not usually a real inquiry(though it can be) and the answer “I’m fine” may not be real either(though,agai,itcan be true.) Pleasantries exist simply to keep conversation from starting or ending too abruptly.

    Eight O’Clock

  8. What’s your idea of a great day?
    Over the past 15 years, my back has gone from middlin’ to really bad, pain-wise.
    About a week ago, when I woke up, there was no pain!
    I went out and I enjoyed myself!
    A few days ago, I was at the H&R Block office to get my taxes done.
    I sat there and I flirted with this very good-looking young woman!
    She must have been at most 30–35 years of age!
    2 years and 9 days ago, my wife passed away. I had been mourning her death, and with my back giving out, I would never think of doing that sort of thing.
    However, I was feeling better than when my 20-year career with the Marines ended!
    She flirted back with me!
    When I was ready to go through the door to the parking lot, she whispered to me that I didn’t have to wait for next year to see her again, and she gave me a card with her home address and phone number on it!
    I was pleased as punch! Imagine someone almost half my age doing something like that?
    The next day came and went, then it snowed.
    It snowed a lot.
    This morning, I woke up, slid my legs over the edge of the bed, put my feet on the floor, and I stood up.
    Well, I almost stood up.
    My spine was back to its bad old self, making me realize what a few really good days, with no back pain, and hitting it off with a beautiful woman really does mean to me, one more time!

  9. To me.. Waking up early and taking my time to prepare breakfast. Eating balanced and having dessert. Laughing a lot. Reading or writing some of my homework or stuff like this and that. But I believe that a good day can be recognized at the end of it, when you lay in bed and think about what you did. Remember always to have a resting time, for at least 15 minutes daily. That is a good day for me.

  10. Have a nice day is simply a pass-over to you that they hope you have a great day and time in what ever you are doing. This is far better than receiving a grumpy hope your day is crap. JJ

  11. It literally means , have a good (nice) day. And would it really sound right,? have a bad day Its courtesy and has been said by millions of people. Now you have a nice day!

  12. Getting up to watch the sunrise, followed by a great breakfast, having an easy day at work coming home and talking with my long distance partner, and then spending time with my family members and then me having my alone time until I go to bed.

  13. As a Christian for over 42 years, just waking up to my heavenly Father, having His only begotten Son- Christ Jesus as my Savior and His Holy Spirit dwelling within my heart- having love, compassion and forgiveness for all- starting another day in the life of a committed Christian- looking forward to heaven some day; puts a smile on my face every morning.


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