What does country music smell like to you?

What does country music smell like to you?

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  1. I do not usually think of music as having a smell. I guess country music would smell like new mown hay, newly tilled earth, autumn campfires with a dose of bitter salt.

  2. Hi Ray. I really don’t use my sense of smell to judge or describe music. If you’re asking how I like or dislike country music, I’d say ‘’ it depends. There are good and less good songs, artists, performances in country as in any other genre or style of music.
    I really don’t listen to any of it these days and much of the modern country is really another variation of pop/rock (at least to my ears).
    Still, a good song is a good song and they are out there, in rock, pop, country or anywhere else. If a good song comes on the radio (yes, I even listen to radio – I’m old..), I don’t turn it off 🙂

  3. Unless we’re talking about Dolly Parton or Alison Krause singing mountain music…today’s country music has no smell. It’s a pale, characterless, watered down, bastardized, artificial shadow of what it used to be.
    Real country music smells like freshly cut hay, woodsmoke, the smells of stale beer..tobacco smoke..and perfume all mixed together in a barroom, sweat, oil and grease in a roadside gas station, dust, and a thousand other smells that you might associate with common, everyday people. Smells that I know well, because I grew up with them.

  4. I like the wording on this question. My answer is a combination of a couple different Aromas. Let’s start the smell of fresh cut grass. The smell right before it rains .A wet dog .The smell of a campfire .The smell of a mountain stream .Steak on a grill. MOONSHINE .

  5. Well old time country ( before the 70’s) was really sweet and real, now all we get is homogenized crap garbage. And it sounds more rock than anything else.

  6. Real “country music”, not the countrified rock of today, smells like campfires, musical jams into the night, walks in the mountains, fishing, old farms, love and heartbreak, if they had a smell. Now i would imagine at the big concerts it smells like an auditorium.

  7. Overcooked, way over cooked roast beef like it’s been in a cafeteria all day long. That’s the popular top 40 country today not real country music.


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  9. I don’t think it smells like anything. Music doesn’t smell it is sound. This is a very interesting question however if you want an answer for this I think that you can Google it

  10. Real country music, to me, smells like beer, sawdust, the sweet scent of a beautiful girl dancing the two step with you, hay, too much cologne from the guy who just went by, leather.

  11. Most of what passes for country these days smells real bad. Like rotten meat in a pile outside a window on a 110 degree day. If it has a rap section add a skunk spraying it.
    Classic country is a breathe of fresh air, simple and unrefined with no air pollution contaminating it and easy on the lungs.

    Eight O’Clock

  12. home cooked meals (unrestricted , hi in fat/sodium), smells of the ‘field’ incl. manure and the smell of horses. i’m an r&r man since the sixties w/ blues and top 40 sensibilities, a very small bit of jazz (modern bores me quik, like old school big band though a lot. i don’t give a shit about the labels. I’ve known many who are married to ON genre who also claim to have a wider taste but are totally not so. i have a pretty long list of country songs I love. ANY great pop/top40 is great by my standards. metal fans choices bore me to tears but there’s stuff I luv. even ‘some’ rap/hiphop, don’t give a shit what its called.

  13. It smells like a greasy cheeseburger, in a low lit room, with the smell of cigarettes, dope, perfume, and sweat, all mixed together, on a hot summer night, while I’m freaking out, because I’m high on LSD, and I can’t handle country music.
    It smells like that.

  14. Country music to me smells like a big farmer’s breakfast. I’m talking here about home fried potatoes with onions, scrambled and sunny side up eggs, sausage, ham slices, hot cakes, bacon and if you live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, scrapple, biscuits & gravy, and King Syrup to put on your hot cakes and scrapple and all of this concoction fried in lard or bacon grease. And gallons of strong black coffee with real cream and molasses to sweeten it. Talk to any country boy and girl here in South Central Pennsylvania and they will know what I’m talking about and will race you to the kitchen table and burn it all up if you’re caught napping. That’s what country music smell like to me. OMG! Look at my cholesterol levels!

    What does country music smell like to you?

    What does country music smell like to you?

    More popular here in South Central Pennsylvania than maple syrup and any brand of pancake syrup, including Mrs. Butterworth’s and Log Cabin.

    What does country music smell like to you?

    Love that scrapple!


  15. Traditional country music smells like fried chicken, biscuits and gravy. Modern country music smells like canned rotten tomato repetition.

  16. Dirt. Grass. Farms.
    I’m not a fan of country music but sometimes I’m forced to listen to it. Whenever I’m in my dads truck and we’re going somewhere its either 80’s or country… I’d rather listen to 80’s.

  17. Blood, sweat and tears, and throw in some pheromones, copulin and androsterone (even though these are oderless) they definitely play a role in country music🙂❤️ Maybe some hay, dirt and a few cow chips!!!😊

  18. Classic country music to me smells like an early morning up in the mountains, with the scent of gunpowder and remnants of last night’s campfire still in the air. It smells like a prairie as the first raindrops of a storm begin to fall, with the wind whipping up dust and all the other farm smells.
    Modern country smells like a garbage can the morning after a large party.

  19. What does Country music smell like? You mean other than success? Honestly, I’d say Fried Chicken, Beef both roasted or Bar B Que steak and/or ribs, which most likely comes partly from movies and tv, and grass after the rain or fresh cut. Now if you want to take that a bit further south I’d add Oyster Poorboy sandwiches.

  20. This answer may be predictable but good country music smells like the wheat fields on the farm I grew up on, hay bales, barns and country fairs.

  21. Questions like this is why I love our human race.
    While some of you might think this is a really weird question. I think this question is thought provoking.
    What I really find interesting are the thought processes that lead to such thoughts and questions.
    To me, country music smells like the woods after a hard rain, or a freshly stripped piece of pine, or even like a dusty gravel road, or or maybe a rodeo arena, or a bale of hay.


  22. Real Country Music,From The 1970’s And Older,Smells Like Clover In A Field. What Passes For Country Music Since Then,Basically Smells Like Excrement.

  23. REAL Quality Country Music
    (Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Bluegrass, etc)
    *Smells to me like old leather, the farm, the great outdoors, and gunpowder.*
    FAKE “Bro/Pop Country / Modern Mainstream Country
    (The fake country whine, cliché lyrics, basic chord progression etc)
    *Pig and Horse Shit.*

    What does country music smell like to you?

  24. This my humble opinion. My roots are based in the south and along with other genre’s of music, I love Country music.
    If I have to attach a smell to country music it would be, fried chicken, fresh cooked soupbeans, sliced up onion, right out the oven southern style corn bread, and fresh sun brewed ice tea.
    Those was the smells coming from my mom’s kitchen, especially on Sunday afternoon with the radio on, playing old country, or if we went to dinner at one of my mom’s sisters or brothers. Same savory picture.

  25. I think it depends. I used to shoot pool at a local honky tonk when I was a kid until the main crowd showed up. It wasn’t a real rowdy place. The tables, benches, and pool tables were bolted down. I still remember the smell. Cigarettes, beer, whiskey, Brut cologne, and occasionally that tangy copper smell after a particulary fun Friday night.

  26. I’m with Rob Littman in his first paragraph. Leather. Raw, rubbed, polished, boot leather, jacket leather, saddle leather and reins, duster leather, chaps leather, western wear store leather.
    The various smells of leather spell country music for me.

  27. I’ve never associated any style of music with a smell. What an unusual question.
    And yet, taking the long way round, music DOES have a way of making me remember my state of mind and surroundings when I first heard it.
    That being the case, then I could say that country music reminds of smells I remember when I was early in my country fanhood. Those would be freshly-sawn timber, newly mown hay, and gasoline.

  28. Country music makes me think of tanned leather rubbed with polish. It’s that faint scent of stubbed out cigarettes on the bottom of your boot or the wintergreen whiff when you crack a tin of Skoal.
    Maybe it’s the smell of hickory and mesquite briquettes glowing red in a grill as the sun sets on the horizon. Perhaps it’s the whispering pines and firs and alders of the northern woods floating on the wind.
    Country can smell like the stale warm can of watery beer or the smoky peatiness of a solid whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. It’s the faint smell of her shampoo in her hair as you pull her close to dance slow. The light flowery hint lingering on her neck and wrist of her body lotion when you’re curled around her.
    Country music can smell like a thousand different things; just like the music can evoke every nuance of feeling within the human heart.

  29. If it had an odor or odors it might smell like rain on the pavement, roses on the vine, sawdust on a dance floor, beer, and of course fried chicken.
    I’m talking about old time, classic country with lyrics that came from the heart and the mind, and sometimes the soul.

  30. It smells and sounds and feels like home to me. BBQ ribs and corn cobs baked beans and biscuits. Im a drummer that played Rock my whole life. But Im a country boy from Florida, so Im a country music fan all the way. It feels like home. Home is not a place , but its a state of mind. We love country down here in the Dirty Deep South. Yeeeeeee Haaaaww !!!
    Just sayin…

  31. Country music emits a mental aroma of bar smoke and beer. Also the essence of curing dark fire tobacco with hickory slabs. Some farmers sprinkle powered molasses over their finish fires to insure a sticky dark finish to the tobacco leaves, this also adds a modicum of weight to the tobacco. There is a cologne and it’s first cousin an after shave shave called Burley they are my favorite. Lespedeza hay when freshly cut emits a subtle sweet smell. A staple of southern smells are the ever present honeysuckle that bloom from May through June. Southern summers are notorious for sudden thunder showers followed by dose of hot/humid sunshine. These elements combine for a steamy whiff of hot asphalt marinated with rainwater.

  32. On my three-hour drive across rural Indiana from Chicago where I lived to my dad’s place in Indianapolis in the early ‘90s—right after I had graduated college—when the weather was warm, I often made the drive with the windows down. At points along the way, you could smell the pig farms near interstate 65. So, for me, country music smells like the ammonia-laden scent of pig waste during the summer between Chicago and Indianapolis on U.S. Interstate 65. I like some twang, so what I’m saying isn’t meant in a negative way: it just happens to be my answer to your question.

  33. To me, country music smells like a lush meadow after a spring rain, like a field of fragrant wildflowers. Country music has the aroma of fried chicken and fresh, hot cornbread. It smells like the crisp, winter air after a late night snow storm, like a malty, hoppy cold beer after a hard day’s work. To me, it is home…country music smells like home.

  34. I started to decline this question but for some reason it stuck with me.
    We all know that one cannot smell music any more than one can feel colors, but that does not invalidate your question.
    Country music, to me, smells like fresh cut grass, fried chicken and beer. Songs like Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You smells like early summer honeysuckle, while songs by Willie Nelson have the distinct smell of Tennessee whiskey.
    I think a lot of modern country smells like roadkill. That abomination that Billy Ray Cyrus did with that rapper smelled like a dumpster fire to me.
    I think Waylon Jennings music would smell like a camp fire and Ronnie Milsap would smell like cookies in the oven. When I think of people like Clint Black, Alan Jackson and Randy Travis, the smell of the first cool day and the dry leaves of autumn come to mind.
    I’m having more fun with this than I expected.
    I think Loretta Lynn’s music would probably smell like bologna. If you have seen the epic movie of her life “Coal Miner’s Daughter” you’ll know why.
    I’m thinking that a lot of new country music would smell like cheap perfume to me. I’ll take the aged sandalwood smell of Don Williams any day. I don’t know why but I get the feeling that Luke Bryant’s music would smell like peanut butter or popcorn.
    I hope this helps.

  35. Matters the song. A lot of different types of country music
    Matters your mood as well.
    8 days after turning 18 I was taken to Gilley’s. Was instructed that you show up already wasted so you don’t waste your money and because waiting for beet sucks
    8 feeling good getting ready 9 talking up a storm 10 there in line 11 started to feel like shit after becoming the center or attention for about 30 people when they found out it was my first time and my name. 5 straight shots or Jim Beam will do that so by 1130 I was in the back of the pickup looking up at rhe sky listening to the music
    Remember 3 things
    My sister checking on me with some loser trying to hit on her and her saying you don’t sound like you are from California. Sounds like New York. Why are you trying to lie. Me wanting to get up and see who this clown was
    music Waylon and the boys,
    then the fights at about 1 to 2
    Some songs bring me back to then. First night out was like my first taste of a woman
    Short With a lot of excitement
    Some take me back even further like Ernest Tubb.
    some places had radios back then. You had music.
    Ernest Tubb or Hank Williams unless you at a honky Tonk going to get a little bit quieter. He made his way around in SE Texas so people had story
    Fimally George Jones. You hear a song in a public setting especially if someone says something
    There is nothing but pride knowing that man from Beaumont TX even though he lived in Vidor
    That pride becomes even more when you hear what some call the greatest country song of all time
    For us who are from Texas for some reason Jerry Jeff Walker smells like weed, beer and pee. Even more than Willie but when you hear about that man Bojanles it all goes away and you smell music
    Have to give some New Yorkers a chance I guess

  36. Most country music fans aren’t cowboys or farmers or even southerners. But my perception of a country music fan is just that (one of those). So it smells like a barn. Hay or straw mixed with cow manure. Maybe horse or pig manure. I grew up around that scene – know exactly what it smells like.

  37. I was a bluegrass player for some years, and I love a lot of what is called “country music”.
    Initially, I thought this question would be beneath contempt, but it has revealed some great imaginative writing my many so I’m going to follow it!
    So as I agree that the modern “industrial country” means nothing to me I’ll talk about the sort of music that appeals to me.
    It smells like the crushed grass of the grounds of a bluegrass festival, mixed with some less pleasant tangs of fried food and maybe something sickly sweet.
    It smells like the inside of an old guitar or mandolin much loved by those of us who are proudly “soundhole sniffers”
    It smells like spilled beer and American whisky (ugh) and the frying bacon offered to us one morning by two guys looking like cowboy desperados when I found myself appearing at a festival in Sherman Texas way back in 2004. (I’m a Brit).

  38. Wet road from a summer storm, sweet blackberries, giant southern magnolias and nutty pecan.
    Maple, Blackberry, Orange, Caramel Vanilla, Sugar, Musk.


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