What does coffee taste like when you put some salt in it? How? Why?

What does coffee taste like when you put some salt in it? How? Why?

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  1. Why Put Salt in Coffee?
    While adding salt to your coffee may sound a bit weird at first, it is actually not as bad as you might think. In fact, there are many reasons why adding salt to your coffee could improve your experience.
    The pairing of sweet and salty flavors is not something entirely new. For example, you can find this pairing when baking chocolate chip cookie recipes. A tiny bit of salt is sprinkled on top of the cookie after it’s baked. This is because the slight flavor of saltiness can bring out the flavor depths within the sweet treat.
    As such, adding salt to your daily cup of coffee could help bring out the richness of your coffee roast. It could also help bring out the fruity and nutty flavors you might have otherwise missed.
    What Happens When You Put Salt in Your Coffee?
    Besides adding another dimension to the flavor, adding salt to coffee has many benefits.
    First, if you struggle with the bitterness of coffee, then adding salt could help you balance out the flavor. Salt can help bring out and highlight the natural sweetness of your coffee. While it doesn’t completely stop the bitterness, it can certainly help balance it out.
    Next, adding salt to coffee is also helpful if your brewed coffee has turned stale. Stale coffee can be too bitter and leave a sour aftertaste in your mouth. By adding salt, more contrasting flavors like sweetness are brought to the forefront.
    What about acidity? Well, it depends on the type of coffee you use. Some blends may be more acidic than others. If you think your coffee may be too acidic or citrusy, then adding salt can help soften the sharpness of the flavors.
    The coffee experience is not just about the taste but also about the aroma. Not only can salt help round out the flavors of your coffee, but it can also amplify the smell.

  2. I did that once using a teaspoon full of salt that I thought was sugar, to me, it tasted so vile I almost threw up, absolutely terrible, the biggest shock was not expecting it.


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