What does caffè Americano taste like?

What does caffè Americano taste like?

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  1. I don’t know how to answer questions about how x tastes. Caffe Anericano is hearty, full of coffee flavor, but not as bitter as a straight espresso.

  2. It depends where you get it from.
    Knowing why and how it’s made will give you a better idea of how it may taste:
    The americano is basically a way to make espresso coffee (which is black, thick and strong) taste a bit more like filter coffee. The story goes that during WWII, American G.I’s (then in Italy) used to take watered down Italian espresso to soften it’s strong, sometimes bitter or acidic taste as they were used to American, diner style, watery filter coffee. The locals started calling the beverage « Americano ».
    In most specialty cafés when asking for one of those you will get a double (sometimes single) shot of espresso poured over 6 or 7 ounces of hot water. This said, i did order an Americano once in an airport fast food in Mexico and got served the traditional weak filter coffee.
    There is a variation that originated in Australia and which is called « long black ». It is the same thing but with way less dilution as it is equal parts hot water and espresso. I love it as it preserves the flavor of the espresso while taking a little bit of the edge off. A lot of cafés don’t actually know the difference between a long black and an americano though so you may have to make sure they do it that way if that’s what you’re after.
    But if you can afford it and have access to a good café, best thing is of course to try it yourself!

  3. Café americano is made from coffee beans roasted in the medium range of toasting,while espresso coffee is dark toasted coffee beans.
    You start with green coffee, and toast to the desired degree. The lighter the toast, the caffeine content is higher. The toasting degree is determined by the properties of the bean.


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