What does almond milk and coffee taste like?

What does almond milk and coffee taste like?

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  1. Like most of these subjective queries, it depends.
    What kind of coffee are you drinking it with? Drip, French Press, Espresso, Cold Brew, etc?
    Are you pouring the almond milk in with hot coffee, cold brew at refrigerator temperature, or are you steaming it or heating it up?
    In my experience, cold almond milk tastes similar to a thin milk (moo), perhaps a 1% milk, with a hint of the almond nuttiness. This still may vary depending on the brand and type, as some almond milks are flavored with vanilla or other.
    The big exception with almond milk, is when you heat it up, which amps-up the nuttiness factor by several factors. I used to offer almond milk to customers as an alternative to steamed milk at a small cafe I ran, and when you steamed it the almond aroma and flavor really stand out, even when blended with espresso. Some folks liked it because of this, and some folks disliked it because of this. I was on the fence, personally, and sometimes I enjoyed the extra nuttiness in the specialty drink, and sometimes it was unwanted, but once again this depends on several factors.
    Why don’t you give it a try and see what you think?


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