What do you think of ‘pod’ coffee machines?

What do you think of ‘pod’ coffee machines?

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  1. What do you think of ‘pod’ coffee machines?
    By the fact that they are hugely popular regardless what us coffee snobs think.
    They give people a quick convenient cup of coffee and are willing to pay the premium that they tend to cost. Then of course there are refillable pods.
    Another advantage of commercial pods is that they are pack with fresh coffee and are kept fresh in the airtight pod.

  2. Not very economical, even for light coffee drinkers. It’s better to use a conventional coffeemaker, brew 4 cups, and pour into a well insulated thermos.
    And the taste is on par with instant coffee: not very palatable.

  3. DON’T GET ME STARTED!!!!! You know how I get…
    A pox on the head of the person who invented the coffee pod. And an eternal curse on the rest of their family. May they all develop allergies to coffee.
    Pods are a devious method to separate you from your money. I don’t know how your finances are but, if you really have money to throw away, I’ll send you my address.
    I went to the web site for my local supermarket. One ounce of the cheapest ground coffee was more than 1/4 the price of the cheapest pod coffee. Pods are a land fill disaster. The coffee makers are expensive and aren’t easier than a simple coffee maker/french press/pour-over filter.

    What do you think of 'pod' coffee machines?

    This is my single serve coffee maker with my special digital coffee delivery system (I have to put the digits on my left hand into the specially designed holder hole). It is only a little more complex than using a pod machine. (Add grounds, add hot water, stir, wait 3–5 minutes, plunge, pour, enjoy). When I’m done making my coffee the only waste is the grounds that will be going into my compost pile.
    What was the question?? What do you think of ‘pod’ coffee machines?

  4. We thought pod coffee was cool and convenient, until we realized that the only thing they have going for them are convenience and novelty: all pod coffees give vile, substandard coffee (and are an environmental disaster). We got rid of our machine soon after we acquired it—maybe it’s sitting in a teacher’s lounge or an AA meeting now.

  5. After many years spent in coffee industry, I may say
    for an espresso lover
    for home use
    without professional knowledge/skills on coffee preparation
    E. S. E. pod system is far best available.
    It is important to note that e. s. e. pod system with the right machine (La Piccola for example) works based on exactly the same principles as a professional espresso machine.
    On the other side, it’s more expensive, has a huge inpact on environment (smaller than capsules though), still limited to use with the highest rated coffee beans.
    About the machines…Simpler and more rigid than anything else on the capsule arena. With a good care, it may last tens of years.
    Thanks for a2a.

  6. Depends on the type of machine. A pod based drip coffee machine is not going to work well. If you want something like that, get either the coffee “tea” bags or disposable coffee filters (the kind prefilled with ground coffee). They cost around the same as the pods, and need nothing more than nearly boiling water.
    Espresso pods, while similarly expensive, can still be worthwhile. I use one at my inlaws’ since I’m not there often enough to justify a full setup. The secret is to buy into an ecosystem that uses 7 or more grams of coffee per pod. That means not Nespresso. My previous machine was a Lavazza a Modo Mio, and now I’m using a Caffitaly. It’s nowhere near the quality I get on my home setup, but it’s not bad.

  7. From your use of parentheses in the question I don’t know whether you understand what a “pod” actually is. By definition a pod is a pre measured amount of coffee pressed between 2 layers of filter material. I think they are a fairly good way to make coffee in a situation where premeasuring is a good idea. Places like motel rooms and offices come to mind first. A pod can be brewed in most any type of pour over or automatic maker and are measured fo the amount of coffee it will produce.
    The K cup type of machine is called correctly called a cup not a pod. designed for a single use, single serving of coffee.
    The coffee from either method, in my opinion, is mediocre at best and usually not that good at all. That disappointment combined with the waste of the K cups and the limited varieties of coffee makes me steer away from then and use an espresso machine.
    Thanks for the A2A Malik Adnan


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