What do we call coffee with milk?

What do we call coffee with milk?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “what is coffee with milk called

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  1. WE – using the royal WE, call it a cup of coffee.
    However I am not a lover of coffee, and would only drink it in the absence of a tea bag.

  2. Depends on the milk, the temperature of the milk, the way the milk is treated before it enters the coffee, the quantity of milk versus the amount of coffee and the country you are in.
    To name a few
    Café Latte
    Latte Macchiato
    Café Au Lait
    Café con Leche
    Flat White
    Affogato (although that is on vanilla ice-cream)
    Espresso con pana (if you consider whipped cream milk)
    Espresso macchiato
    Frappe (milk and ice and possibly a flavor syrup)
    Irish coffee (if you consider whipped cream milk and don’t mind adding some whiskey)


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