What do Italians say is the best brand of coffee?

What do Italians say is the best brand of coffee?

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  1. Many. Illy, Lavazza, Vergnano. Vergnano is my favourite, huge quality.
    But I have to tell you a secret. We Italian, about food, don’t go with the brand. We look for authentic products that most of time have nothing to do with a brand.
    For instance, I only buy Gragnano pasta. Gragnano is not a brand, it’s a place where there are producers very good in making dried pasta. No brand. Just excellent dried pasta made following strict rules.
    For coffee it’s a bit different, brand matters. But for most of Italian food and wine there’s no brand. There’s territory and technique, all certified, but not brand.

  2. Brand is not as important as the type of beans, the roast and the ground. Also, the best are almost always sold as whole beans. Even better, if you can buy the beans you like and have them roasted and ground for you while you wait.
    Most italians like medium to dark roast
    Also important is the quality and temperature of your water.
    How much coffee you use for one cup, 16, 18 or 20 grams
    If you tamper it loosely, medium or hard
    If you brew your coffe short or long
    And if you like cappuchino or macchiato you will need a milk steamer/foamer too

    What do Italians say is the best brand of coffee?

    What do Italians say is the best brand of coffee?

    But, you asked for a brand.
    Illy Intenso is a good start and you should be able to find it in most civilised supermarkets. It is 100 % arabica beans and roasted to something they call bold.
    It is also aviable as gound, instant and in pods but it is the whole beans you want

    What do Italians say is the best brand of coffee?

  3. It’s not an easy question to answer. It depends also on the type of coffee you gave, whether espresso, Neapolitan, moka or pods. At home we usually prepare moka or we use pods, while Neapolitan coffee pot is less used.
    When it comes to moka, the best brands are probably the following:
    Segafredo Zanetti
    when it comes to pods, that are becoming more and more popular everyday in Italy as well:
    This list is disputable like any other.
    Have a great coffe!!

  4. If you live outside Italy, then your choices are less. I think that the best choice when living out of Italy is Illy brand coffee.
    I drink my coffee mixed with chicory so, I have to make my own blend no matter what brand of coffee I use. I have been using creme e gusto Lavazza for years .
    I buy chicory from the health food store and mix 50 grams of chicory with each package of 250 grams of Lavazza.
    During the second world war in Italy, as well as during the civil war in the USA, coffee was really hard to import and so many people started mixing chicory with their coffee or using pure chicory root as a coffee substitute.
    I lived in New Orleans, before coming to Italy and I am still hooked on chicory coffee. Coffee just doesn’t taste the same without that chicory root flavor.
    New Orleans is the only place I have ever seen where they actually sell coffee in the supermarkets premixed with chicory. I have not lived in the USA for over 30 years now so they probably sell chicory coffee in many places now.

    What do Italians say is the best brand of coffee?

  5. Several of these answers actually say which coffee Italians buy the most of, rather than which is considered to be the best…Semantics if you like but…
    Personally I would say that of those in the know Hausbrandt is very highly regarded – from Trieste. I would recommend the Gourmet Columbus.
    Taste and go back to Illy, Lavazza, Kimbo etc and I think you will stick with the Hausbrandt – I certainly did 🙂

    Eight O’Clock

  6. Illy is good but expensive. I use MORGANTI that’s very good and never bitter or too roasted.
    There are athor brands as Lavazza, that are good too but for my use Morganti is the best and with tipical itlian flvour.

  7. for years now I have been using Lavazza with a Delonghi coffee machine twice a day and I am very happy with it but please use filtered water

  8. Lavazza is a well-known brand and a lot of people buy it.
    Illy is expensive and a little bit fancy (it comes in an aluminium box instead of the common packaging). I bought it just once in order to have a reusable aluminium box ;P
    Other good brands are kimbo and regional brands almost unknown 🙂

  9. Honestly, the best coffee and espresso I have ever had were in little european-style cafés in Little Italy NYNY, North End Boston, and Federal Hill Providence. Not sure what brand they use but I guarantee places like Roma’s(Federal Hill) have only imported goods.

  10. Illycaffe is able to sell at prices considerably higher than all competitors and still retain a respectable market share (please check the table at the end of this page, it’s a bit dated but the proportions are still actual).
    Anyway, as usual in Italy, there are huge regional variations and, while probably Illy would come out on top anywhere among the “national brands”, most major towns would have a low-volumes coffee-roaster beloved by locals.
    Speciale grocery – Caffè: la marca dà valore aggiunto

  11. Most Italians seem to rave about Illy…maybe you have to be a connoisseur…I can’t tell the difference from Lavazza. I’m sure it’s not the brand but the machine and technique in making the coffee…all the bars have machines costing literally thousands of Euro and they all seem to produce an excellent cup.


  12. If I were to even dare such an opinion in a country where coffee is a sacred beverage and having a coffee with a friend is a sacrament, I would say Lavazza Oro (although the Lavazza Rosso is would rate quite near)
    There is of course Illy which is quite refined and very good. (and the most expensive). But its almost as if it is an entirely different beverage.
    In any case, Italian coffee is indubitably the best in the world.

  13. Don’t think I can name “one” of the thousands… The taste of a coffee (espresso) depends on a bunch of different factors (the quality of the coffe, of course, water, coffee machine, etc…). To find a good espresso, it is better to take it at a “bar”, where they use professional coffee machines, have excellent quality coffee and they know how to make it 😉

  14. As far as brands are concerned, I personally like atiny brand called Lazzarelle. This coffee is produced by the inmates of the women’s jail in Naples, and it is really excellent.

  15. I use Kimbo at home. I like strong black coffee. Many Italians also appreciate Illy, for me it’s good but not as strong as I like it. Many Italians also appreciate Lavazza, there are several different flavours, my fav is ‘Gusto Forte’. These are the most popular mainstream brands, there are several others that are really good too but not so mainstream.

  16. As an Italian lover of coffee I could tell you Illy , who is of Trieste origins (Trieste, with Naples, is the Italian city with the best coffee). But I found the Passalacqua Harem blend exceptional. I do not know if you can buy in your country, but you still find it on the Internet.


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