What could be a ‘cool’ name for Monday morning meetings for a digital agency? What do you name your own or your own meeting rooms?

What could be a ‘cool’ name for Monday morning meetings for a digital agency? What do you name your own or your own meeting rooms?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “creative names for coffee meetings

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  1. I don’t “name” meetings. They are a necessary evil, which I have always tried to keep to a minimum. However, I have always understood the power of food as a bribe. If the office budget can swing it – bring in donuts or bagels or even breakfast tacos. If the budget doesn’t allow for such “extras” then I start the ball rolling the first two or three meetings, and have a brightly painted or covered box or empty coffee can – with “Morning Munch Fund” clearly labeled, sitting next to the food. I make sure people see me put a couple of dollar bills in the can every time I take something from the tray. Generally by the third meeting, everyone is showing up (on time) and the $$ can is filling up, and people pitch in. What gets bought for next weeks meeting is entirely dependent on how much is collected this week. If you have more than one regular meeting, have a can decorated in a different color, just for that meeting…. so no one starts feeling like what they contribute in the Friday afternoon wrap up is used for Monday morning. (I know, sounds silly … but believe me, office politics can be worse than kindergarten!)
    Thanks for the A2A

  2. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Monday Macro meeting
    2. Monday Mashups
    3. MetaMeetings
    4. Monday Backups
    5. Monday Download
    6. Brain Dump
    7. Quinquav Query (from Quinquavigintillion)
    8. +Memory Meetings
    9. Infinity+
    10. FYI+
    11. NOMM (Not another Monday Meeting)
    12. MOMG (Monday OMG)
    13. MFYI (Monday FYI)

  3. In a former company we used colors to describe the rooms. Colors have great effects.
    “Green room”: green is a color that promotes balance between body and mind. It has a calming effect on stress. Think nature, this would be a good room to explore creativity in the concept of branding.
    “Orange room”: this room is great for meetings where verbal expression is required. It promotes communication and cooperation.
    “Yellow room”: yellow is an attention grabber and if you need to hold the attention of your people, yellow is the color to go.
    “Red room”: energetic color that will get the adrenaline going. It will get people moving…

  4. Name the meeting for the purpose and outcome that comes from the meeting. Meeting room names can be number or anything. Local landmarks are good.

  5. Meeting title is best used to describe its purpose, not the day of the week. And it should be all about solving problems otherwise it is just a waste of time.
    In general, it is better to avoid any recurring meetings and schedule on-demand when someone has a problem, but it may be difficult for some due to conflicts.
    If the purpose of your Monday morning meeting is to discuss problems that potentially may arise and you just want to block time on the calendar when the whole team is available to help – that is OK. In that case, explain so in the name and make that recurring meeting tentative.
    By tentative, I mean the meeting that will be cancelled before it starts if none of the participants brought a problem.
    Title: Any problems we have to discuss as a team?
    Description: Please reply-all to this email with specific issues in advance, otherwise this meeting will be cancelled.

  6. Years ago, we were working on a project and we had decided to hold Monday meetings to start the week fresh and in control. We named the meeting “pole-position meeting (PPM)” which is the most advantageous rank at the start of a car race. This name motivated us a lot signaling us that each week we would start with this meeting, we would have compwtitive advantage and we would get the poll-position.

    Victor Allen’s

  7. I’ve personally never been involved with a company that names meetings at all. There were monthly managers’ meetings and the occasional directors’ meetings. Then, of course, the obligatory OSHA informational meetings and such.
    Just my personal opinion – naming a meeting seems as silly to me as a team building exercise. No one’s going to make a meeting more “cool” by giving it a name.


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