What coffee brand uses 100% robusta beans?

What coffee brand uses 100% robusta beans?

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  1. None. Many commercial blends do use some robusta, but their sales drop when they increase the percentage. The problem is that robusta beans taste like burned tires mixed with petrified wood, so it’s very clear when that bean is present in a cup.
    Of course, it’s cheap and supplies intense caffeine levels, so commercial roasters will put a few points of robusta beans into their production if they can get away with it.

  2. The conventional knowlege is that 100% robusta doesnt taste very good. But I think that’s changing. I’ve begun to see producers to sell robusta as its own thing, rather than a component of a blend or for industrial purposes.
    It’s still a risky proposition. As the other answer here suggests, most robusta varietals have a burnt rubber taste. There are some robustas from the coorg and waynad regions of south india that have been bred for solo drinking and they taste somewhat decent.
    The one big (ish) brand that I know that carries 100% robusta is Caffe Borbone, and they tend to roast for espresso. Robusta gets ridiculous crema in an espresso extraction.

  3. There are shops that sell different types of high-quality Robusta. Just an example:
    It’s german – from Zürich. I tried some of them and they are really good, even though my favourite 100% Robusta still is
    from Tanzania, sold by Rast Kaffee in Ebikon (Switzerland).
    It’s a great coffee, dark and sinful, wild and strong.
    People who tell you that Robusta is “not good coffee” obviously never really gave it a try or simply don’t know how good Robusta can be. I personally can’t stand espresso without Robusta, even though it doesn’t necessarily need to be a 100% robusta, but I’d say at least 30%, just to give it body and not too much acid.

  4. I believe that Cafe Bustelo is 100% Robusta, or at least it used to be years ago. Not sure if Folgers may have changed it upon buying the brand.
    Its likely that a lot of the commercially branded instant coffees are 100% Robusta.
    The only sure way to tell is via caffeine analysis.


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