What cities around the world have the best coffee?

What cities around the world have the best coffee?

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  1. No list of best coffee destinations would be complete without Vancouver, British Columbia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    * There are a dozen micro-roasters, from fair trade to massive taste orientations. 49th Parallel, JJ Beans and Moja are top of mind
    * One of the best coffee chains in the world is Vancouver-based: Cafe Artigiano. A gracious experience a far cry from the hipster bohemia of many coffee geeks. Baristas from Artigiano have won the world-wide barista championships many, many times in the past few years.
    * There are innumerable small chains and individual coffee shops.

    Sao Paulo

    * Brazil is a coffee-producing country. This counts. As one Toronto-based coffee geek put it, the Brazilians keep the best for themselves.
    * Sao Paulo is influenced strongly by Portuguese a…

  2. That is very much a matter of personal taste, though it should be said that the Blue Mountain varietal from Jamaica has a stellar international reputation. It’s out of my price range, though. As a middlebrow American coffee drinker, the best I buy on a regular basis is Costco’s house brand Sumatran, which is only available where I live in mid-winter. And no, it’s not civet coffee, either real or fake.

  3. I’m going to try to answer this question from a different angle – the sources itself. Hope this adds value -·- Although most of the great coffee produced in the coffee producing countries is never consumed locally, you would probably have a “coffeegasm” if you ever get a chance to visit a local farm where coffee QA is continuously performed to make sure they have a export-grade product meeting the highest quality standards. Here’s a few destinations worth trying out if you’re an off-the-beaten-path kind of traveler.
    Addis Abbaba – Ethiopia’s capital and biggest city, also home to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), is known for its political significance inside the African continent. Tomoca coffee shop is a wide-renowned place fora true local coffee experience. Worth the shot. After all, coffee comes from Ethiopia.
    Monteverde – This small town is one of Costa Rica’s epicenter when it comes to coffee Culture. Don Juan Farm has a specially nice atmosphere, where coffee identity and the unique bond between production and consumption are paramount to its inhabitants.
    Jericó – Colombia’s quintessential coffee town where arriero culture is deeply rooted and the whole atmosphere revolves around coffee. Café El Saturia is famous for its coffee concoctions and its bohemian atmosphere. Its owners are phenomenal hosts as well.
    If you want to give these flavors a try and get a “coffeegasm”, feel free to check out some of our collections at White Tale Coffee ( Disclaimer: I’m the founder here )
    I still have in my bucket list places like Mokka (Yemen), the Blue Mountain range (Jamaica), Papua New Guinea, Burundi, Kigali (Rwanda) and so many more places where coffee is part of life itself. As much as any other metropolitan city in the world.

  4. Sweet little rain from Mellower Coffee

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    Mellower coffee is a speciality coffee shop which was started in Shanghai, China . Over the years they have started over 50 stores in China and are also available in Singapore and South Korea .

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    Sweet little rain

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    The coffee is served in a cup with a puff of cotton candy at the top of the coffee. The steam that comes from the coffee melts the cloud-like cotton candy and the melted sugar drips into the coffee like little rain drops . You can remove the cup when you feel that the sugar is sufficient.
    Image source: Google

  5. Here are some of the cities with the best Specialty Coffee scenes:

    Oslo (Tim Wendelboe, Kaffa, Fuglen, Stockfleths)
    Melbourne (Market Lane, ST. ALi, Seven Seeds)
    London (Tapped&Packed, Monmouth, Caravan, Prufrock, ST. ALi)
    Tokyo (Bear Pond, Streamer Coffee, Little Nap, Nozy Coffee)
    Copenhagen (Coffee Collective, Democratic Coffee, Kent Kaffe, Europa)
    Stockholm (Snickarbacken 7, Drop, Johan & Nystrom, Cafe Melvqist)
    Vancouver (Revolver, 49th Parallel, Crema, JJ Bean)

    and in the US:

    Portland (Stumptown, Heart, Coava, Water Avenue)
    San Francisco (Ritual, Sightglass, Four Barrel, De La Paz, Ecco)
    New York (Gimme!, Stumptown, Toby’s Estate, Grumpy, Counter Culture)
    Chicago (Intelligentsia, Caffe Streets, Wormhole, Ipsento, Metropolis)
    LA (Intelligentsia, Lamill, Handsome, Klatch)
    Washington D.C. (Chinatown, Peregrine, Filter, Baked&Wired, MadCap)
    Seattle (Victrola, Stumptown, Zoka)

    This list isn’t complete, but contains the highlights in each place. LA and DC are the most surprising. The options are growing fast, but the cities aren’t as easily walkable so you have to search a bit.
    The cities (and countries) that people usually equate with the greatest coffee are almost always terrible. Most of them have skated by on their reputation, while the rest of the world continued to evolve, experiment and learn how much better coffee could be. Places like Italy, Vienna, Paris all have a romanticized view of the best places in the world to drink coffee—but majority of it is burt, bitter, robusta laced swill. It’s a very different coffee experience.
    I’ve been to all of the places above except for those mentioned in Melbourne and Tokyo. The names listed are both cafes and roasters you will find in their respective cities. Google should be able to find more info about any of them.

  6. I haven’t answered on Quora in ages, but I will answer this one for you.
    Which country makes the best cup of coffee? As cliché as it sounds, it depends .
    There are two things you have to understand.
    First, coffee, like any other drink, is a very subjective thing. Although objective systematic assessment of a cup of coffee, it’s still up to the person’s preference.
    Second, unlike wine, where you can rely on the expertise of the vintage, coffee is at the mercy of a brewer. You can have the best beans in the world, cultivated in the most well-designed environment, carefully transported and stored, roasted with craftsmanship, and still have the brewer to ruin the day.

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    In the coffee world, most of the beans available out there would be commercial grade. Specialty coffee would be traceable to the region, estate, or even specific lot in an estate.

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    You can read more about beans in my answers.
    Ian Yu’s answer to What’s the most delicious coffee you’ve ever drank?
    Ian Yu’s answer to Why is Starbucks considered bad by coffee purists? Why do people hate/sneer at Starbucks?
    Ian Yu’s answer to How is the quality and flavor of Starbucks coffee?
    Professionals would cup and judge the quality of beans. Estates also take their beans to events and have the beans scored for auctions. These estate owners invested much more to cultivation, where they can only produce so little beans for quality, and they often sell through direct relationship or auctions for more margin.

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    What cities around the world have the best coffee?

    You can ask which countries produce the best beans, but that’s honestly up to the estates. There are regions more mature than other regions, even in the same country, but it’s more about the estate expertise rather than geographical area.
    You can ask which countries have the best roasters, but care in storage and transportation before arriving at roasters. And again, even the most delicate roasters can only maximize potentials of the beans, but cannot turn commercial grade into world wonder.
    You can ask which countries have the best brewers, where U.S. and Japan are more at the forefront of the Third Wave coffee, but on any day I’d be willing to have Robusta and Arabica blend espresso in Italy. Or Ethiopian coffee.
    So again, it depends .

  7. Italy: they have invented most of the items used to brew very high quality coffee in the modern age.
    Ethiopia: the Birthplace of coffee and using it for consumption.
    Indonesia: their climate grows the best coffee plants and where the famous Kopi Luwak coffee comes from.
    Any one of those. There are countless others that are well known for their cups of coffee:
    Columbia. Kenya. Thailand. Turkey…..

  8. If you ever find yourself lost in Sweden you are most likely in either Stockholm or Gothenburg. Here are some great places for coffee (and directions…):

    Drop Coffee
    Johan & Nyström
    Snickarebacken 7
    Kafe Esaias


    Da Matteo (No1 in Sweden IMHO)
    Viktors Kaffe
    Bar Centro
    Bar Italia
    Bar Doppio

  9. In addition to the other answers (sf, nyc, pdx), Washington DC has a surprisingly good selection of coffee. Chinatown coffee co, filter, and peregrine are all serious coffeeshops. No local roasters, though.
    As far as roasters, Counter Culture in Durham NC probably should be on the map as well, although I’ve only had their beans in other cities.

    Victor Allen’s


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