What causes a late period with brown spotting and cramps?

What causes a late period with brown spotting and cramps?

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  1. Take a pregnancy test. Since you are already past your periods, most of the pregnancy tests will show accurate results.
    What you are experiencing is Implantation Bleeding and Implantation Cramps which most women think are menstrual cramps or menstrual bleeding.

  2. Every body is different creating the impossibility of a pat answer.
    Hormone fluctuation is a good place to start, along with malpositioning of the uterus, which impedes blood, lymph and nervous system functionality to the uterus.
    Castor oil packs over the pelvic bowl after the menses has stopped and vaginal steaming can be beneficial, along with Maya Abdominal Therapy.

  3. The most probable causes are listed below. It can be any one of them.
    Pregnancy – get a home pregnancy test done
    Weight gain or loss – get your weight checked
    PCOS – poly cyctic ovarian syndrome – Consult a doctor and get a USG abdomen done
    Hormonal changes – Hypo/hyper thyroid-ism, changes in Estrogen progesterone levels. Again you need to find a doctor for this and undergo the relevant test
    Lack of sleep
    Low haemoglobin – get a CBC test done
    Suggestion – If this is happening for the first time, I suggest you ignore it. Improve your lifestyle by exercising, eating more fruits and sleeping on time.
    In case, this has happened repeatedly ( for 3 or more cycles), then it is best you consult a doctor about this


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