What caused the proliferation of Vietnamese bikini cafes?

What caused the proliferation of Vietnamese bikini cafes?

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  1. Vietnamese Bikini Cafes? The Vietnamese Cafes were always around. They historically have been centers of the Vietnamese American culture for decades since Vietnamese Americans have moved out to America.
    Bikini bars that were a front for sex/strip bars are a more recent development. As discussed in this podcast from Woke Fu from The Love Life Of An Asian Guy , these cafes first started showing up in 2008. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, formerly successful Vietnamese cafes were going under. In desperation, they started to offer other gimmicks. Alcohol, new snacks, etc. One of the cafes in San Jose started offering bikini clad women.
    Intrigued by the prospects of easy money, other cafes started following suit. Not long after, these cafes essentially turned into coffee houses that offered lap dances and in some cases a bit extra. Soon, these cafes would be meeting places for gang activity. It wasn’t until a 2012 murder outside one of the coffee shops did the San Jose police seriously began investigating the trend. A second series of murders would occur shortly later.
    These cafes still largely exist but the police have been regulating them a lot more. They have been the center of crime rings but at the same time, they strangely serve as protective bastion as the Vietnamese American community gets through the recession.


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