What can I put in my coffee to lose weight?

What can I put in my coffee to lose weight?

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  1. You cannot do any magic just adding ingredients here and there. You need to get up and do hardwork and exercises to lose weight.

  2. If you want to lose weight and drink coffee, you will need to fast to some degree. Even so, you will need to determine what drinking coffee does to your glycemic index. Borrow a blood sugar checker from your diabetic friend and check your blood sugar before drinking the coffee. Wait about half an hour and check it again. If it didn’t change, it’s OK to drink coffee and fast.
    The only thing I put in my coffee to help lose weight is virgin coconut oil. The purpose is to get your body into the fat burning mode. You could do it by putting a spoon full in your mouth but someone thought adding it to your coffee would be a neat alternative. It is a wasted effort if you are going to follow it up with a jelly donut or Captain Crunch. If you want to lose weight you must eliminate all sugar from your diet until you reach the weight you want.
    As for losing weight, the caloric theory of nutrition is a spinoff of the heat engine theory of thermodynamics. First there is the latent heat value of the fuel. Then there is the combustion characteristics of the “engine.” The human being is essentially a dual fuel engine. On the one side it burns glucose. On the other it burns fat. Ideally, it can switch to either as required. Currently, research has identified four levels of ability to switch where level one is most capable and level four the least. All that means is you are stuck burning glucose without taking extreme measures if you are level four. BTW, over half the population is level 4.
    As the saying goes when it comes to losing weight, “You can’t outrun your fork.” However, it isn’t so much the calories in your food as it is the toxins that determines how much weight you lose. Eat a low toxin diet and eat less simply because you want to burn fat instead of carbs. Getting into the fat burning mode is not easy but once you do, it is like reaching nirvana. Also, keep in mind the energy in your fat is about 200 times greater than the energy in carbs on an ounce per ounce basis. The normal human body is capable of going 30 days without food using the on board fat. I did 26 days on juice and water and still could have lost another 10 pounds of fat. The point is it is done with your on board fat, not carbs. That’s why your body turns every carb into fat that you don’t use in the time after you eat. Your body hoards fat for the event of famine (30 days w/o food).
    The actuality is you are going to “burn” a set amount of calories whether you are sitting, walking or running just to maintain the temperature of your body. Somewhat similar to the internal combustion engine that uses 75% of the energy in the fuel to overcome the friction in the engine. Maintaining body temperature turns out to be the bulk of your energy consumption in any event. Physical activity increases the transfer rate of the mitochondria activity so your body needs to cool off via perspiration when activity reaches a certain level. If you are concerned about the 1000 calorie meal you ate and are trying to “work it off,” your body is simultaneously converting a portion of the glucose to fat. So, even though you have done the work you still have some fat.

  3. Bulletproof coffee is used among people who want to lose weight. The coffee mobilizes your body’s fat molecules by stimulating adrenal glands, This makes the fat run through your blood stream and be used as a fuel source much easily but if you don’t use the fat and eat something else with it, it will simply raise your cholesterol levels which is pretty bad for your healthy.
    Bullet proof coffee recipe:
    Saturated fat (like Ghee or butter(butter also contains unsaturated fat))

  4. Why would you want to put something in your coffee to lose weight that you wouldn’t consume without adding to your coffee ? Those who get into a better shape don’t do that. Watch what you eat, exercise, be active, and that will help you a lot in achieving your goals.


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