What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can’t find en

What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can’t find enough paper, ink, glue, or leather to produce the book?

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  1. I’m guessing that suppliers, who typically invoice net-30, like to be paid—and they know from history that anything with the Tr*mp name attached carries a high risk of being stiffed.

  2. I remember writing a post about that cheesy coffee table book. Ol’ trumpy claimed he’d sold 240,000 copies in its first week of publication. Much checking revealed it wasn’t available to purchase on any major book retailers’ websites!
    “I just did a book, which is very successful, they sold 240,000 copies, and we just ordered another 240,000, I guess, or more.” trump claims his coffee table book has been “very successful”. That’s odd when not a copy has actually yet been printed. Because evidently there isn’t enough paper, ink, glue, or leather to produce the damn thing because of supply chain issues.
    Naturally, trump is blaming this shocking, should never have happened, inconvenience on President Biden.

    “Our Journey Together” was released just in time for Christmas via Don Jr.’s newly fashioned publishing house, “Winning Team Publishing”, trump claimed.
    Just the titles alone … kindergarten anyone?
    The book jammed with 300 photos of trump in the Oval Office; trump on the lawn, trump on the golf course, trump parading down some corridor, trump posing in front of some church, is complete with captions allegedly written by the one-termer himself.
    Fact check: According to a December report by the Washington Examiner the book had an initial print run of 100,000 copies. But, according to trump’s website , where you can buy your very own copy for $75, the “first batch” included 200,000 copies.
    It’s not difficult to put two and two together which brings us to the fact that it would be mathematically impossible for the book to have sold 240,000 copies, as trump claims.
    Okay, are you ready for the clincher? This’ll have you laughing your socks off!
    “The publisher, the printer, who is one of the biggest in the country, I think he said he has eight plants, he said, ‘Well we have one problem — we can’t get paper, we can’t get ink. We can’t get glue. We can’t get leather for the covers.’ He said, ‘I’ve been doing this for 40 years, I’ve never had a problem getting anything.”
    Just one more fact check : The publisher is Don Jr., who founded Winning Team Publishing in 2021 on a whim, for the sole purpose of publishing “Our Journey Together.”
    Seriously America, aren’t you done with trump’s bullshit yet?

  3. I am patiently waiting to learnbthat sales of this book are seriously inflated as part of some money laundering scheme to get the Trumps out of default on their loans.

  4. A crushing indictment of his son’s business acumen, if the guy really is unable to find supplies for half a dozen “books”.

  5. Let me translate that.
    No one will sell them paper, ink, glue, and leather because they are notorious for not paying for things.

  6. The truth is that Jr has plenty of paper. The problem is that he sniffed all the glue and ink and his fiancee has … commandeered the leather.
    Besides, Trump’s** base isn’t that big on reading, anyway.

  7. I went to the web site. You can pre-order the book (not purchase it yet) and supposedly it will be delivered in March 2022. So I put it in the cart and it will sit there forever hahahaha. Never to be sold, LOL. Online retail spaces hate it when shopping carts sit and products are never purchased.
    Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for retailers.
    83 Percent of eCommerce Customers Never Buy the Stuff in Their Cart. It’s staggering but true statistic.
    I’ll bet the book is being produced and printed in China

  8. Donnie has a rich fantasy life. Most of his books are either out of print or languishing on the remainder tables at those few bookstores left.

  9. My thoughts? The world’s most famous compulsive liar strikes again. Surprisingly the people who have actually bought the book are the most illiterate in the country so will only be looking at the pictures.

  10. If I were going to start a publishing business, the first question I would ask myself is “How do I get paper, ink, and other things that go into printing a book?”
    The second question would be “OK, but what if I suddenly need more of something at short notice?”
    So this statement, even if true, amounts to a claim that his publisher is run by idiots.

  11. Well, let’s see. I just put the question into Google asking for it to be fact checked. And, we all know that if it was a lie then Snopes, PolitiFact and all the other Marxist shills for the democrats would be all over it like a rash…Page 1 of Google…Only, there is no fact-check.
    The stories are all about Brandon’s supply chain disaster. The President isn’t saying that the publisher is selling so many copies that the printers haven’t got enough of the commodities to keep up with demand (although the President is outselling anything written by Jimmy-boy Acosta) he is telling the truth.
    Because of obama’s policies (please don’t insult anybody’s intelligence by saying that Brandon is running the country) are destroying the economy of the United States through purposeful blocking of the supply chain and raging inflation.
    The saviours of the country will, once again, come from the hard working people of the country, the truckers, the farmers, and the ordinary working folk who will come out to support their peaceful demolition of the democrat party as they have in Canada.
    The democrats are already in retreat. The mask mandates are being dropped not because the science changed, but the polls did.
    The lawyers, bankers, professors and basement keyboard pushers who have never known what a greasy palm looks like are being destroyed by the people they hate…The working class.

  12. What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    My ability to write coffee table books is fabulous. If you read my coffee table book, you would agree. Other coffee table book authors are weak and soft. They’re outta touch! They’re out of touch. I’m not like that and if you are reading my coffee table book, you aren’t like that either.
    This country needs a really good coffee table book and I am awesome at writing coffee table books.
    Other coffee table book authors might attack me, but then they just go away…disappear! They don’t have what it takes to keep being a great coffee table book author. I have what it takes to be the BEST coffee table book author. Any coffee table book author who disagrees just needs to be punched in the face and run out of town.
    I guarantee that this answer, and my coffee table book as well, will be upvoted as the best answer to any question ever. If it isn’t, it will prove that this whole Quora upvote thing is RIGGED!

  13. I don’t care anything about Donald Trump either way. Most of the time when news items pop up about him, I ignore them. He’s not especially relevant, except when he’s screwing things up, so when he says things like this and they enter the news cycle… I skip right past.
    News about him tends to be irrelevant, like this, or biased and untrustworthy – like his “approval of Putin.” The thing is: Maybe he’s approving of Putin! Maybe not. But the media is so clearly biased against him that if he said ANYTHING that could be construed as positive about Putin, it’d be spun beyond recognition. Maybe his actual quote was “Hey, Putin’s a jerk but at least he wears nice ties, ha ha, the kind of tie a dictatorial strongman butcher might wear.”
    But then the media would say “OMG HE LIKED PUTIN!!!!!! HE’S ANTI-UKRAINE!”
    … and how would I know? They’ve cherry-picked lots of things, why would I expect them to not cherry-pick now?
    This is why they needed to be desperately, radically honest, even when they didn’t like the outcome or the source: because once they start lying to us, the expectation has to be that they’re ALWAYS lying to us. The idea is never going to go away.
    So: do I care about Trump and his coffee table book? No, I don’t care at all. I’m not buying it. I have no interest in him, and wish he would fade away into an unpleasant memory at this point.

  14. More like he can’t find a publisher willing to take the huge loss printing a book nobody will read.
    That doesn’t count the number of people who may want to burn it…

  15. note that OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER is listed at #12,000 in books on amazon. not exactly a best seller.
    Obama’s A PROMISED LAND is #260.

  16. What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr. can’t find enough paper, ink, glue, or leather to produce the book?
    He can’t find enough paper because the trees themselves refuse to a part of this book. Horses are not reporting to the glue factory anymore and the motorcycle gangs and fetishists joined forces and bought up all the leather.
    I also heard the sale of coffee tables is way down.

  17. Obviously the problem is that his publisher, Donnie Jr., half of the Dumb and Dumber team, is the problem. I mean, the fact that these people wouldn’t know how to run a publishing operation should be no surprise; they’ve never managed to actually make a profit doing anything else either.

  18. Donald Trump, Jr. can’t do something simple, like buying paper and ink? That’s extremely unsurprising.
    There are rocks in my garden that are smarter than Donnie Junior. Also, the rocks don’t have his cocaine habit.

  19. It is popular because it is a useful thickness to put under one of the coffee tables legs to stop the table from rocking, all so it is a cheap solution… available from the bargain table at your local book shop!!

  20. It would probably be best to just use crayons & elmers school glue. The toilet paper shortage is over so no excuse there. It is obvious that they’ve sniffed enough sharpie ink & glue, so let them use crayons so that last half wit damaged brain cell that is left can function enough so he can face the charges being brou…

  21. Of course he cannot can’t find enough paper, ink, glue, or leather to produce the book. The suppliers want to be paid and in advance

  22. Gee-willikers.
    It’s a shame Trump mismanaged the Covid pandemic thing and monkeyed-up all the supply chain management, making his own book unpublishable.
    Are we sure the problem is with supplies, and not the management?
    If this thing ever does get printed, I look forward to seeing it as a cutout in the 99 cent store.

  23. BS! The man has no relationship with the truth whatsoever. The only people who’d buy it are his ass-sucking sycophants and most of them can’t read but they could enjoy the pictures!

  24. If Donald said it then it probably isn’t true. The truth probably never entered Donald’s “tremendous huge brain”, and certainly never came out of his “potty mouth”.

  25. I think that’s a self-answering question. Here, let me help:

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    Did you know that Donald Trump Jr. runs a publishing company? I sure didn’t! But sure enough, he’s got a company called Winning Team Publishing . What they say:
    Winning Team Publishing is the nation’s premier conservative publishing house. Launched in 2021, Winning Team Publishing aims to promote authors who represent the Silent Majority, America First patriots, and liberty minded readers.
    Sergio Gor is President and Founder of Winning Team Publishing. For over a decade, Gor has worked in various capacities in publishing including writing, editing, agent representation, production and fulfillment. Gor has worked with numerous best-selling authors including Donald Trump Jr, Rand Paul, Charlie Kirk and Eric Bolling. A graduate of the George Washington University, Gor has worked extensively in national politics including in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and on numerous Presidential campaigns.
    Donald Trump Jr is the co-founder of Winning Team Publishing. Trump has authored two best-selling titles, including a #1 New York Times Best Seller. As an Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, Trump works to expand the company’s real estate, retail, commercial, hotel and golf interests. Trump received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Real Estate from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.
    So apparently, there were no publishers of conservative books prior to 2021? Or maybe this company has just taken off like crazy since it was founded… last November?

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    But amazingly, no. It’s just this one book, Our Journey Together, absolutely a coffee-table book: photographs with short captions. I don’t have a copy of the book to consult, but they’re described on the Winning Team website as official White House photographs, so presumably the work of Shealah Craighead. By US law, all creative works done by Federal employees are immediately in the public domain, so Trump is able to use any of these in a for-profit book. You or I could make up a photo book using the same base of photos and try to sell that, too.

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    Trump claims to have written every caption, and at least some are handwritten… and yes, some of those in Sharpie! Give the people what they want, I suppose.
    They initially ordered 100,000 of these and they did sell out, at $75 per book, too, pretty quickly. Even more for a signed copy. Not bad. But do Junior and Gore (a Trump campaign aide and former Rand Paul aide) really know a thing about publishing? Perhaps that’s the actual issue?

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    So this one has me confused as well. A publisher doesn’t print a book. He employs a printer to do that job. A printer generally just does that job, regardless of content, because they’re basically invisible. Have we seen an industry-wide shortage of printed books? Not that I can tell. Is 100,000 a large number? Yeah, it’s big for a coffee table book of someone else’s photos. But for a major author like John Grissom or Stephen King, I think you’re looking at 2 million or so in hardcover as your first edition. King’s IT , way back in 1986, had a first edition run of 800,000 copies. A large printer should not have a problem making another 100,000 of these books.
    However, that’s assuming they really have a large printer. I had a tiny bit of exposure in small publishing when a good friend of mine started a publishing company. He was publishing a computer program I wrote and a film I made, but primarily concentrating on books that came out of various internet things in the early 1990s. And he was having a hell of a time dealing with printers on a particular book he was publishing of erotic writing. So I suppose it’s possible that Trump is too toxic for some printers.
    Or perhaps they just sold that 100,000 production run out so fast they were caught off guard, had not slotted themselves into the printer’s pipeline for a next edition, and thus have to wait in line like every other small publisher to get their printing slot at their “one of the biggest” printers in the country (according to Trump himself).
    Or, as Tom Crosley pointed out, it could just be regular old-fashioned Trump business practices at work: did Junior pay his printer after those 100,000 books were printed? That would go back to my previous paragraph as well: you’re not getting another printing until you pay for the first. And if that payment was seriously delinquent, they’ll be asking for cash up front next time. That’s a big delay before you get yourself back in the pipeline!

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    I’m sorry, but on reading this, I couldn’t help but imagine Junior, Eric, their wives and girlfriends, and other Trump Wack-Packers sitting around a big table with kindergarten paste jars and safety-scissors, assembling these books for shipment. And leather? You can’t order a leather-bound version, so what’s the leather for… does Junior only agree to glue books together if he can dress in leather chaps? Yikes, that’s a thought I can’t un-imagine…
    So why would Junior form a publishing company, form it quickly, and only when daddy had a book to publish? It’s not about the coffee table book, but his memoirs. It’s routine that any President and most other high-ranking officials are offered book deals when they leave office. These offer snapshots of living history from the first person, and they sell very well. Bill Clinton got a $15 million advance for his book (“My Life”) when he left office. George W. Bush got a $10 million advance for his book (“Decision Points”) after he left office. Barack and Michelle Obama found themselves in a bidding war for multiple books from both of them, ultimately getting them a $65 million advance. Joe and Jill Biden got an $8 million advance on a three book deal shortly after leaving office. Even Mike Pence signed a deal for two books, with a $3–4 million advance.

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

    This leads us to a major life crisis for the Orange Ego Monster: Trump has not received a serious offer for a book deal. None of the major publishers will touch him, because they won’t publish a book full of lies, and they look at the expensive and impossible prospect of validating claims in the book to be impossible. Especially when The Former Guy is still pathetically claiming he didn’t lose the election. Publishers also know that Trump is hell to do business with; it’s not accidental that Trump’s twenty-something books have been published by at least ten different publishers.
    It’s not as if a Trump book wouldn’t sell. It would sell bigly . Or even big league! But there’s no way on earth Trump would be getting an deal anywhere near the magnitude of the Obamas’ deal, and that alone is a horrible prospect for a pathologically insecure guy like Trump who would see that as just another way he’s a loser. So I believe this whole thing is designed primarily to let Trump put out a few books without the embarrassment of the fact no one will give him even a small advance. That’s not to say it wouldn’t turn into a viable business. Normal publishers have just as many problems and far less motivation to take books full of lies written by lesser folks in the Trump orbit, so maybe Junior’s on to something here. While there seem to be a large number of these tiny right-wing publishers springing up, one associated with the Trump’s would have a natural advantage for those sort of books.
    Read More

  26. And the orange clown has never lied, and his son with the IQ of a soap dish is a seasoned experienced publisher.
    Yeah, right.

  27. I’m quite prepared to believe that DT jr can’t find the necessary materials. He probably can’t even fin d the door to a room without several tries and a lot of help.
    As for being popular, there are a few million Trump obsessives who seem determined to keep sending Trump their money, so wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t buy his toilet paper book.

  28. My thought are that there are maybe 2 million households that would want that book and have the extra money and know how to obtain it.
    Of course that number is pure speculation based on about 7 million fans.

  29. Sounds like there’s a shortage of cows. That would account for the lack of leather and glue. As for ink, I didn’t know that ink was made from cow $hit, but you learn something new every day. As for the content of the book, the following says it all:

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

  30. I’ve written 14 books. No problems finding paper, ink, or glue for them.
    Of course, I don’t working with Winning Publishing, which is a new venture from DJT Jr. Their website says that books ordered now will be delivered in “March 2022”, which is the sort of precision I like from a bookseller.
    Amazon says the book will start shipping in “early December 2021.” If I order today, I can get the book in 48 hours. So… maybe Amazon has an emergency glue supply?
    The book has 620 global ratings, but just 174 global reviews. That doesn’t seem like a lot for a book that sold 240,000 copies, but perhaps satisfied customers are too busy “re-reading” the picture book to write a review.
    The thing that puzzles me most is “leather” for the cover. Which is a photo. And that makes me wonder if Trump has actually seen a copy of his own book…
    Or, for that matter, if anyone has. When Jr. wrote “his” book, the RNC bought $350,000 worth in order to spring him into the ranks of best-sellers. Jr. is just a ne’er-do-well with a cocaine problem. Surely the former and current president of the United States deserves to have a few million dollars worth of voter donations converted to cash in his pocket?
    And if the RNC won’t do that for him — even though they pay his legal bills from before he became president — he can always use use his SuperPAC, which has over $100 million of Other People’s Money in the bank, to bump up his numbers.
    So I suppose it’s pos…

  31. Wow!!! This is sooooo cool. An official Trump book to go with my official Trump Supporter ID Card!
    I just have to get mine before my Trump Supporter friends do. They’ll be sooooo envious!
    No one will be cooler than me! I’ll bet even the Prophet won’t get his before me since he lives so far away in a shithole country.

  32. And once again, when listening to Donald Trump and his family, I am reminded of a favorite saying of my Grandpa:
    You can go to hell for lying, same as you can for stealing chickens.

  33. Of course you should never blame something not working on DJTJ, because nothing he has ever done has worked! As far as finding those materials, DJTJ
    couldn’t find his ass with both hands, a map, and an ass finding machine, from
    Couldn’t find his ass with both hands, a map, and an ass finding machine

  34. Trump is a pathological liar. That’s all you need to know. Multiple fraud investigations are drilling down to expose lies affecting his business and his time in the Presidency. He lied to the American people, he lied to banks, accountants, tax people, and probably to his own children- though they seem to be competing for dumbass liar honors as I write this.
    If one is gullible enough to believe his lies then one deserves to go down with Trump’s leaky ship of fools.

  35. Maybe because Don Jr. is too incompetent to source the materials he needs because he never pays his bills, just like his dad.

  36. The more interesting and hilarious side show to this is our successful international businessman who thrives on using cheap Asian materials for his deals claims utter ignorance of the concept of “supply chain”.

  37. If you want to see what Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic hath wrought…
    Okay, first things first: there’s no leather in his book.
    This is what I see as Trump’s biggest problem: he wants all US-made products in his book and to have the book printed in the US. The reason this is a problem is during the height of the pandemic the US paper mills that were making the kind of paper you use to print books like his (it’s called coated freesheet) either shut down or changed their equipment settings to make packaging paper and tissue, and the US ink mills that made the kind of ink you use to print books started making the ink you print boxes and newspapers with, which is called coldset ink. The biggest coated freesheet line in the US that wasn’t converted to make toilet paper belongs to Domtar, and they’re still bringing it back online. I can get as much paper and ink as I want, but the paper will be either German, Swedish or Korean and most of the heatset ink on the market is from either Holland, Germany or Canada – unless you have an HP digital press, and that ink comes from Israel. Glue probably comes from China and they figure what Trump doesn’t…

  38. It makes me question what cheap ass two-bit publisher he hired to throw his book together.
    Maybe the publisher just tells Trump that to shut him up, “Sorry Mr. Trump we can’t produce any more copies of your book. We ran out of glue!”


  39. Reply
  40. He’s a business JENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Nobody ever heard the term ‘supply chain,'” Trump said. “The supply chain, it was automatic. It just was embedded. It was embedded in a free country, in a democracy. It was embedded in our country. We didn’t sit around talking about the supply chain. Now all of a sudden, it’s the two words people are using most because you can’t get anything.”
    Supply Chain.. That’s sounds like Rocket Surgery, and I remember hearing that phrase, and even understanding what it meant since I was at least in High School..
    F’n Jenius.
    Its also quite possible.. And probable that NOBODY wants to sell to him because he just simply won’t pay.. He does have that reputation.
    “I’m so smart, I wrote a PICTURE book.”.. What an absolute waste of oxygen.

  41. I suspect that the suppliers have told the printers to not use their products for the book under any circumstances. Supplier relationships are built up over years. It is unlikely that the printer would risk those to print a book that was unlikely to sell and they were unlikely to be paid for.

  42. Trump’s book is probably just as popular as Junior’s was. How popular was that, you ask? So popular than the RNC had to purchase 300,000 copies to bail him out.

    What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can't find en

  43. Yes, I understand that everyone in the universe wants 5 copies. In fact, the Martians want 50 copies each. They’ve heard that the book is just out of this world.

  44. Trump has exaggerated everything from his intelligence to crowds at his outdoor events. He lied to the country 15–20 time a day for 4 years (total 30,000 times). What makes you think he’s any different now. He think these lies make him look like a winner, just like his daddy instilled in him. All it does is make him look like a pathetic loser. Sorry, Donny. Just more lies.

  45. I’ll meet him halfway.
    I have a friend who’s publishing a TTRPG (aka D&D) book, and supply chain issues in the publishing business are real right now. So it’s entirely possible that whatever publisher Trump is working with is having legitimate trouble filling orders at the moment.
    That said, I think it’s more of a general industry pressure, and that the part where it’s “because it’s so popular” sounds like a bunch of bullshit, though.

  46. Question Answered: What are your thoughts of Donald Trump claiming his coffee table book is so popular that his publisher, Donald Trump Jr., can’t find enough paper, ink, glue, or leather to produce the book?
    Trump just says stuff — without regard to reality or honesty or even possibility.
    I don’t have evidence of whether this statement was true or not, but it seems very unlikely. I’ll believe it IF I see credible evidence to that effect. Trump’s history of 30,000-plus falsehoods certainly deserves no better.

  47. That sounds like his usual hilarious over the top hyberbolic carnival barker style, but frankly I don’t think about what he’s doing until one of his followers such as yourself mentions it.

  48. It means there aren’t enough presales to warrant printing the book. tRump does the same thing on his rallies. He just cancels rather than admit no one cares anymore

  49. I believe it.
    Jr would find it very difficult to find such rarities as paper, ink, glue and leather.
    I hear all are extremely rare in Murica

  50. He should use toilet paper, that would make it easier to flush it down the toilet instead of wasting time reading even one word.

  51. Why are you all so fixated on donald trump? jesus its like watching a dog chase a squirrel! you cant stop. what is wrong with you people!
    Maybe if you spent the same amount of effort acting sane, he would have never have been elected!
    Maybe if you started worrying more about wtf is wrong with this country today~ we could begin to find solutions! smdh jesus a full bucket of stupid

  52. Dumb dumb donnie is illiterate. So no the low life grifter did not write a book. And IF it did it would be done in crayon with scribbles.

  53. Well, liars gotta lie, is all I can say, except stop calling it a “coffee table book,” it’s a picture book because it’s “author” can’t read. Probably didn’t write the text either.

  54. Amazing how no other publishers are having such issues. In fact, I am unaware of a single story who has carried a single copy. I haven’t even heard a single person claim they have a copy of this supposed book that hasn’t actually been published.
    Gee, it might be that Trump is lying. As hard as that is to believe he might not be teeming the truth.

  55. L. Ron Hubbard made a similar claim when he first published Dianetics . The Scientologists are still selling (actually reselling) books from that print run. Seems they bought up about 90% of the run to create sales figures that matched Hubbard’s claims. Now they are still trying to get rid of the books.
    Personally, I doubt Trump Jr. has either the initiative or the skill to have even undertaken that transparent of a whitewashing. Considering Trump did not actually write the book, he probably has no idea what is in it so proving to him that no one has read it would be impossible.

  56. Donald Trump Jr probley couldn’t find his nose on his face , in front of a mirror , that’s a magnifying mirror , so this doesn’t surprise me , he just doesn’t want to tell dad why he had no money left from the sale of all the others (but we know ) wink -wink what happened . It’s all up his nostrils , he couldn’t find .

  57. It is just the usual hype, meant to drum up sales.
    It may very well be popular, though, unlike Biden’s new bathroom book, “ Two Days Without Soiling My Pants. “

  58. Trump is lying again. Yes. Hard to believe. He says this stupid stuff to troll his oponnenets. “Supply Chain” a new word and concept for trump. He wants people to think that the Biden Administration is holding the supply chain back so trump cannot publish his trashy book.
    Truth to tell, he is not printing more because he has not sold the ones he has sitting around the pool at Mar -A-lago


  59. Donald Trump clams… Donald Trump thinks… Donald Trump says…
    That’s enough. I stop listening or caring. Donald Trump is a mentally broken man. He has completely detached himself from reality.

  60. I think that means perhaps someone is sniffing the glue a little too hard. Which explains the vacant look and lack of linear thoughts.

  61. Why are surprised? He always says things like this! Of course you know that. You hope to dissuade his voters which will never happen!

  62. I’ll hold off on the anti-Trump side, unlike many of the crap answers here where the OPs are totally uninformed.
    There may be several reasons:
    Scarcity of materials
    Too small an original print run and for a second? See #1 above.
    If the book is unavailable, there may be one, or two, answers:
    The publisher is unwilling to do a second printing (usually not the case with a print run that has sold out)
    The publisher plans on another print run, but other projects are in the queue and it’ll have to wait its turn.
    Amazon has this book listed as: Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.
    Now for the idiots below:
    Speculating is useless and usually incorrect.
    Throwing insults may make you feel big, but, in truth, it shows your inner fool.
    Generally speaking, a book deal is set in one of three ways:
    The author sells the rights to the publisher for a fee. Itts a hard sale and no royalties will be forthcoming.
    The author takes an advance ($$$) and later a (usually) reduced royalty on sold copies after the advance is covered.
    The author takes a full royalty on sales with no advance money.
    So, there you have it.
    The publisher’s gamble? Is: with an advance, or rights purchase, will enough books be sold to cover those expenses and the printing, distribution, and advertising costs.
    As an example, a UK publisher, Allen & Unwin, couldn’t afford an advance, or rights purchase, so, with one author they negotiated a nice royalty agreement. The book and its squeals in question? Have sold over 250 million copies and are still selling strong some 70+ years later. … One US publisher even went as far as to publish it and make big bucks (no royalties paid) because the copyrights had not been registered in the US.

  63. Trump has made numerous claims that were proven false outright. So why is another claim different?
    I suspect that ‘’supply chain issues’’ are a euphemism for companies refusing to sell the items needed to Trump.

  64. Coffee table? I think he’s talking about the table cuts up his lines of Adderall on, or the table Jr cuts his lines of coke on?

  65. According to people who have seen all versions of the book, there is no leather in any volume Trump has published. I suspect Jr. is making the books in his apartment and huffing the glue – that is likely where the supply chain problem is.

  66. Everything out of that twisted square mouth of his that isn’t a lie is meaningless boasting and nonsensical psychobabble.


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