What are the signs of caffeine intolerance?

What are the signs of caffeine intolerance?

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  1. My symptoms were heart palpitations, low heart rate, cold sweats and nausea. I was much too young to be having a heart attack, but that’s what I imagine one feels like. I haven’t had caffeine for 35 years and don’t miss it one bit.

  2. The symptoms may well vary from individual to individual but with me it was bad headaches. I used to get frequent bad migraines when addicted to coffee but once I withdrew from it, they stopped straight away. I now haven’t had a real headache for about 20 years.

  3. The main one is sudden hurling of coffee cups across a room.
    I know. My ex wife did that once. We both instantly stopped the argument and laughed our asses off.
    She actually flung a 3/4 full cup by the handle completely upright across a patio where it met a brick wall and shattered.
    Judging from the entirety of it, it is clear that she simply hated coffee.

  4. Thanks for the A2A, not sure if caffeine intolerance is an official thing, im guessing you mean sensitivity to caffeine? There are peoole who are genetically slow metabolizers of caffeine, they are very sensitive to its effects and the signs are very easy to spot. For a person who is a slow metabolizer, one normal cup of coffee will have a dramatic effect, will make tgem as energetic and/or anxious as someone on 3 or more cups, and it will last for far longer than the normal 2 hours. So when one cup of coffee makes yoy strongly energized or jittery for like 5 hours or more, thats your sign.

  5. Caffeine Intolerance: Signs and Symptoms
    Restlessness and restless legs.
    Headaches or migraines.
    Palpitations and racing heart.
    High blood pressure.
    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


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