What are the real life cons of smile direct club?

What are the real life cons of smile direct club?

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  1. I know this question is a bit older, but oh well.
    The real cons?
    It will be tricky to maintain your alligners and schedule if you move around a lot (traveling wise) as you will need to take your outie tool, chewies, case, and maybe even another set of your aligned if you’re gone for too long.
    The pain: While the pain and soreness is different to everyone, it is expected you will feel at least some pain and discomfort when you’re first getting statted.
    The potential for it to mess with your bite: If you have more work needing to be done on, say, your bottom teeth than your top, then your bite may become a bit wonky. This can cause dental problems down the line, but is not very common. And you may just be able to do either top or bottom if needed…maybe.
    The cost: somewhat expensive but cheaper to the alternatives
    The restriction: This is the main drawback. You can only drink water (no hot water) with your alligners in, you cannot eat, chew gum, smoke, etc.. so meaning if you need to do any of these things, more specifically eat, you will need to take out your alligners, which can be quite tedious, and then brush and floss your teeth before you put them back on. And for me my teeth are in bad shape, thus affecting my breath, and as a consequence my saliva, so when I take off the alligners I get an ungodly blast of foul stench. But that is just personal.
    Anyways you can get a partial refund correlating to how many alligners youvw actually opened and used.
    P.S. also, very important, please do any and all dental work before you start the treatment. The alligners are all sent to you at once so if you get any dental work it may cause problems. You must tell SDC about any major teeth changes which are unrelated to their treatment.


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