What are the pros and cons of coffee? Should I be drinking it?

What are the pros and cons of coffee? Should I be drinking it?

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  1. What are the health benefits of coffee?
    1. You might be able to live longer.
    2. Your body may be able to handle glucose (or sugar) more efficiently.
    3. You have a lower risk of developing heart failure.
    4. You have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.
    5. Your liver will be grateful.
    6. Your DNA will be more powerful.
    Caffeine’s Negative Side Effects
    Coffee and tea are both extremely healthful drinks. Caffeine is a stimulant that can improve your mood, metabolism, and mental and physical performance.
    Anxiety is a state of mind.
    2. Insomnia is a sleep disorder.
    3. Issues with the Digestive System.
    4. Muscle Fatigue.
    5. Addiction is a serious problem.
    6. High Blood Pressure is a condition that affects many people.
    7. Heart Rate Is Increasing.

  2. Advantages is your awake, alert. Highly productive. Multitasking is a breeze.
    disadvantages: it makes you irritable when you don’t have it. Can be easy to go overboard and then regret it when trying to unwind for the night.

  3. The pros:Coffee consumption is associated with reduced mortality(all causes)(1), reduced risk of dementia(2), reduced risk of cardio disease(3), reduced risk of diabetes(4), and tolerance to its wakefulness effects to not occur(only to its side effect like jitteriness or increased heart rate). Evidence for addiction is tentative, and withdrawal tends to get blown up on the media.
    The Cons:You need to make coffee
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  4. The common pro’s of drinking coffee are the following: Pleasant tasting, mild stimulation of the central nervous system and possibly some benefit to one’s overall health if drunk daily but in moderation.
    The usual con’s of drinking coffee are essentially its pro’s but taken to extremes. These include: overstimulation of the CNS which can lead to difficulty falling asleep, increased urinary frequency and potentially unwanted cardiac stimulation. In men with prostatic hypertrophy, the caffeine present in coffee can cause increased difficulty with urination and, in severe cases, prostatic bleeding.
    I love my morning cup of coffee, but because of some of the reasons above, I cannot allow myself to drink more than two cups daily and none after lunchtime. I also dread the day I may have to give up coffee altogether. It has been one of my small pleasures for decades.

  5. Pros : great taste and for a lot of people part of the waking up process.
    Cons: like with everything..If you consume too much it might harm you.
    But in general if you consume 2–3 cups of good coffee a day it wont harm you..

    Victor Allen’s

  6. Drinking coffee cannot be compared with anything.Because it gives a special satisfaction compared to other drinks. Coffee gives a positive energy and good feeling for health.Coffee is a best antioxidant and it stimulates the brain activities and coffee is also good for preventing many types of cancer.
    There is also many disadvantages in coffee.
    Coffee contains caffeine and large amount of caffeine is not good for health.Huge amount of Coffee drinking habit makes many diseases like insomnia,heart attack etc.
    Large amount of caffeine is dangerous for health and we can use maximum 400 milligram of caffeine per day. That will get from 4 cups of coffee.

  7. Hey. It’s coffee! Promotes early morning sanity. You got a problem with that?
    (Some hypertensives might not want to have this brew. OTOH, I just don’t get off to it. Used to drink 17 cups every morning and took a nap after lunch)


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