What are the most unique coffee shops in Seattle?

What are the most unique coffee shops in Seattle?

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  1. In Seattle, you can find a coffee shop to match just about any vibe or interest. Most of my picks come from the northern part of the city.
    For uniqueness, I love Anchored Ship coffeehouse in Ballard—both atmosphere (sit up in the nest-like loft, or in the cozy-brick back room, or watch the foot traffic go by from the window bar-style seating). just super high quality coffee, great music, quiet atmosphere.
    Slate Coffee, also in Ballard, is a super-tiny tasting-focused coffee bar. be patient, and ask lots of questions, and you’ll get some coffee that will be a joy to sip. Bonus: Brimmer & Heeltap, across the street, serves a beautiful brunch.
    There are so many more I could list—Bauhaus (when it’s open), Milstead in Fremont, Zeitgeist in pioneer square—Vivace (several locations), El Diablo in Queen Anne (Cuban-style coffee)…Storyville is unique to the seattle area, too. It’s easy to find great coffee, and possible to buy a coffee at a new place every day for weeks without getting starbucks at all.

  2. Bedlam Coffee is one.
    Although it is more a tea house, Panama Tea House for sure.
    Bauhaus Ballard.
    The coffee shop at Ada’s Technical Books.
    Victrola Coffee and Art, just down the block from Ada’s.
    La Marzocco Coffee in the KEXP building at Seattle Center.
    Storyville, upstairs in one of the Pike Place Market buildings.
    El Diablo in Queen Anne.
    There are a lot of other great coffee shops I can think of, but they aren’t necessarily super-unique. I’m sure there are a bunch of unique ones that I haven’t visited yet.


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