What are the most common ways people take their coffee?

What are the most common ways people take their coffee?

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  1. In Australia, themost common waytodrinkcoffee is in the form of a cappuccino or Café Latte, some people take sugar, very few put anything else in coffee.

  2. One thing some people like to do is to increase the strength of the coffee flavor by adding one or more shots of espresso.
    If you want one additional shot of espresso added to regular drip coffee, order a Red Eye. If you want two shots, say Black Eye. A Dead Eye is three shots.
    Anything past that, you’re risking cardiac arrest due to caffeine overdose.
    Red Eye is my coffee drink of choice. The extra shot gives it a nice added zip, but I must include a fair warning. If you get used to this way of taking your coffee, when you order regular brewed coffee from most places, it’ll taste weak.

  3. Most common is black or with cream and sugar. I take mine with double sugar and preferably 18% cream. Sometimes with fresh green/roasted cardamom pods ground in before brewing.

  4. I buy a small container of Allspice in the fall and add that with a little cinnamon and one shake of sea salt to my grounds – it gives it a fabulous pumpkin pie flavor.

  5. A Starbucks condiment bar should have the following available for your coffee:
    Dairy: Two percent milk, Nonfat milk (Also called Skim or Fat-Free), and Half and Half, with Soy and Whole milk, and Heavy Whipping Cream available by request in most areas. Some stores also have lactose free milk and during the holidays, Eggnog. (Half and Half is by far the most popular choice. Some some stores will not keep the dairy stocked outside of peak hours in order to ensure freshness, but will provide it by request)
    Sugar, both Domino White Sugar(in either packets or a sugar jar) and Sugar in the Raw , a Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar. Honey is sometimes available by request.
    Artificial Sweeteners: Splenda is the most popular, followed by Sweet and Low and Equal.
    Powders, including Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Vanilla

    Any flavored syrup is available for a small cost, Some popular ones are Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dolce (all of which are also available in a Splenda based Sugar-Free version) and Mocha sauce.
    I suggest mixing and matching until you find something that’s right for you.

  6. I usually drink Turkish Coffee. The proper way to make it is on the hob in a little special pot. You need to request your coffee to be ground for ‘turkish’ otherwise it won’t work: One very happy spoon per cup, water, bring to boil add sugar remove from heat just before it tips over.
    However, this method takes a bit longer to make so I mostly drink my Turkish the lazy way: One happy spoon in a GLASS glass, boiling water on top from a certain height to allow the water to cool just slightly on the way down (avoid burning the coffee). Then a spoon of sugar sprinkled on top – this would make the coffee drop down quicker. A good mix will put this all together. You can also tell how fresh your coffee is by the foam forming on the top. The more foam the better.
    If you’d like you can mix ground Cardemon with your coffee before you pour water on it or cook it. Its nice on occasion but a bit too much on a regular basis in my opinion.
    Glass is very important. Don’t use mugs or ceramics. They do alter the taste of the coffee. I don’t really know why but they do.
    Another anecdote, if you are Greek or serving this to greeks, its not Turkish Coffee – its Greek Coffee. Same goes if you are Lebanese (its Lebanese Coffee). Most of the world refer to it as Turkish.

  7. Black means nothing added. Straight coffee.
    Cream, milk, or half-and-half (half milk, half cream) are common additions.
    Sugar, or a sugar substitute (Splenda, Equal, etc.), is another common addition. Honey is a sweetener used more rarely instead of sugar or an artificial sweetener.
    Some people add cinnamon to their coffee.
    To more drastically change the flavor of coffee, there are also flavored (french vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate raspberry, etc.) creamers (Coffee-Mate.com) or syrups (http://www.torani.com/cafe) you can add.
    And finally, you can make coffee an alcoholic beverage by adding something like irish whiskey or chocolate liqueur to it.

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