What are the healthiest and unhealthiest creamers for your coffee?

What are the healthiest and unhealthiest creamers for your coffee?

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  1. THERE IS NO HEALTHY CREAMER FOR YOUR COFFEE. They all have too much fat, and it’s saturated fat
    The only healthy coffee, is coffee that is black. That’s how I drink it
    I love coffee, but only excellent coffee.

  2. I avoid creamers with a ton of different ingredients, artificial colors, and also sugar-free versions with sugar replacements because they are usually worse than those with real sugar.
    In my opinion, healthy coffee creamer is made with just a few ingredients, it should not have added sugar and artificial flavors. Plant-based creamers are really popular right now. I personally love Califia Betterhalf creamer, Trader Joe’s Coconut and Almond, and Nut pods plant-based creamers.
    Here’s a good article about some healthy creamer options

  3. There is no such thing as a healthy creamer. It is, by definition, artificial. It doesn’t matter if it is coconut oil and cornstarch. It doesn’t matter if it is “oatmilk” safflower oil and pea protein.
    The real problem is not the nutritional content, or the lack of nutritive value, of a creamer. The issue is that you do not like coffee. If you feel you must taint the robust, bitter, acidic flavor of good, upstanding coffee, save your money, and your finite quota of ingestible energy, and pick another beverage.
    Good coffee, the stuff people enjoy drinking is ruined by adding sugar, or fat, or milk. You cannot taste the complex flavours of coffee when you mask the bitter with sugar. You blunt the rich acidity with dairy. Additionally, fat just adds a layer of grease on top, and that coats your mouth and tongue, preventing the ability to taste the hot liquid.
    Personally, I will spend what seems to be extra to get a superior bean. I actively seek out, often by walking to different stores, not odd, esoteric varieties, but stuff from local roasters. And I would not serve it to anyone- not even my sister- who would even think of insulting me by adding milk or sugar. Like it or not, coffee is coffee with its unique taste, flavor and mouth feel. I won’t have anyone tell me I am serving an inferior, undrinkable brew because they want cream in their cup. That’s gross.

  4. The healthiest creamer for your coffee is called cream. The second healthiest creamers are called half-and-half and whole milk.
    The unhealthy creamers are anything else.


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