What are the different types of coffee makers?

What are the different types of coffee makers?

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  1. There are too many types to mention all of them.
    I’d split them into groups:
    1. Immersion (Coffee sits in the water, for about 3,5 -4 mins. Just like the french press or in cup brewing)
    2. Drip (Water drips through coffee sitting in the filter – There are many types of filter shapes and materials)
    3. Pressure brewers (Water is forced through coffee with added pressure – think espresso or Moka Pot)
    4. Combination of any of the above, like immersion-drip (Clever Dripper) or immersion-pressure (Aeropress)

  2. Buying a coffee brewer online in Singapore or anywhere else for that matter, can be stressful due to the wide range of options now available. This is why it is important to understand the different types of coffee makers and their uses to make your buying decision easy. Although most decisions have to do with cost, preference, and convenience, you should consider if you are going to be brewing using pressure, dripping, or via stepping. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we share four types of coffee makers available online. Read on.
    1. Cold Brew Coffee
    The cold brew coffee maker uses cold water or ice water to extract coffee flavor from the ground beans. Most cold brews require a long steeping time, about a day to brew the cold-brewed coffee. You can produce ready-to-drink coffee by using less coffee and more water or create concentrate by using more coffee. The good thing about cold-brewed coffee is that it tastes less bitter and it’s less acidic.
    2. Non-Electric Brewers
    Coffee makers such as stovetop espresso pot, french press, and pour-over are all non-electric brewers. Some of these non-electric brewers require hot water boiled from a separate pot or electric kettle to brew the coffee. The stovetop espresso pot can easily heat up the water and brew in the same pot. You will have to be attentive to each and every step to enjoy the perfect taste.
    3. Electric Drip Coffee Maker
    Electric drip coffee makers are easy to use since they brew coffee automatically with their features, options, and adjustments. They feature a filter, water reservoir, heating element, shower head, and a basket for brewed coffee. Electric drip coffee maker machines use induced pressure to direct water up the showerhead and gravity to pass it down through the grounds.
    4. Espresso Machine
    Espresso machines come in different types such as manual, automatic, and semi-automatic. Although all of them work by heating water and passing it through pressed coffee grounds at high pressure, automatic espresso machines control the whole brewing process. They feature a built-in coffee grinder, pre-programmed settings, and can also control the amount of water and pressure.

  3. I use a Keurig pod coffee maker now. Pod coffee makers use sealed premeasured coffee in plastic cups, much like a drip coffee maker like Mr. Coffee the water flows through the punctured top and bottom of the pod to brew coffee and other beverages.
    Drip coffee makers like Mr. Coffee have a filter basket that you insert a paper filter and ground coffee and like a Keurig has a water tank that you fill.
    Percolators were once more common but now I see them used for large gatherings. You put a measured amount of water in and the insert looks like a goblet with a hollow stem and holes in the goblet. As the water heats up it is forced up the stem and drops into the basket then down into the water.
    There are older stove top versions of drip and percolator coffee makers.
    French press and espresso are other types of coffee makers.


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