What are the coffee shops in Austin to which to take out of town guests?

What are the coffee shops in Austin to which to take out of town guests?

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  1. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I do like studying at and visiting Mozart’s ! It’s right on Lake Austin and has a lot of seating. It’s a nice, chill place to hangout and there’s free parking in front of the building and across the street. I’ve also heard really amazing things about the holiday lights shows during the winter. They serve coffee and have some really yummy cheesecakes and other desserts. They also have live music outdoors every Thursday through Sunday.

  2. What are the coffee shops in Austin to which to take out of town guests?

    Quickie Pickie is becoming one of my favorite spots. They have fantastic espresso drinks from Counter Culture. Their tacos are huge and actually made right in the store (I had a chorizo and egg taco this morning. It was fantastic). Good beer on tap. It’s also a grocery store, so I can tell my girlfriend I’m getting milk, but really, I just forget because of taco.
    Thunderbird deserves mention because.. well.. Beer? Great coffee, too. I believe their drip coffee is still Cuvee, but they have rotating espresso beans. Generally, it’s your choice between Counter Culture or Wild Gift beans. The Koenig location has a nice contemporary aesthetic. Great for when I want to feel like a yuppie. Oh, and bagel dogs. BAGEL DOGES.
    If you’re feeling like going to a small and quiet shop, I highly recommend Corona Cafe. While their espresso isn’t the best (it’s still good), the casual and calm aesthetic of the place keeps me going back. I love taking a laptop there and working on projects. They close up shop pretty early, though, so if it’s later in the day, just walk next door to Nomad Bar.
    Once Over Coffee, how I miss you. Espresso drinks are great. It feels so authentically artsy in there and the baristas are really nice. There’s reeaaally cool patio out back, and guess what – TACOS. Not at Once Over, but across the parking lot at El Primo. Chorizo egg and cheese. Get it.
    Across the street is Seventh Flag. It’s pretty lame. Actually, just get burnt drip coffee at Taqueria Arandas.
    Houndstooth! Holy crap! The seating sucks, but this is the best espresso in Austin!
    Cenote has such a fantastic atmosphere, and just like most places in Austin, they have a pretty decent beer selection (even the Walgreens I used to live by had a decent beer selection). Great house coffeeshop and outdoor vibe.
    If you’re feeling like you need space, check out Spider House or Flight Path. Both are extremely accommodating and have great outdoor spaces.
    Mozart’s was mentioned – I highly recommend for the atmosphere, but not the drinks. Don’t get me wrong, the drinks are good, but the atmosphere is better. Unless you don’t want to be around college kids studying.
    More to come later. Possibly in the form of an edit.

  3. My group of coffee snobs and I really loved Houndstooth. There is a barista there Gregory. He rocks. In addition to superb espresso they also have pour overs. Add in migas breakfast tacos and life is splendid.

  4. Thunderbird Coffee or Cafe Java. There are two Thunderbird locations on Manor and W. Koenig, both of which are great Austin haunts.
    Cafe Java is up on Metric, but you may have to wait up to 30 minutes for seating, because it’s just that good.

  5. I like Austin Java on Barton Springs Rd; it’s got a warm environment with excellent coffee drinks, desserts, and even food. What I like most about it is being able to walk to other great places to take your guests. You can park in the free parking garage, walk to Uncle Billy’s and grab an excellent beer, then, have a nice lunch at Chuy’s , hit a local favorite – Hey Cupcake, and then chat it up with a warm drink from Austin Java.

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