What are the best sandwich places near Union Square (NYC)?

What are the best sandwich places near Union Square (NYC)?

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  1. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop on Fifth between 22nd and 23rd serves some classic Jewish deli sandwiches.
    Garden of Eden on 14th between University and Fifth
    Jack’s Bistro on University between 11th & 12th has a great $10 lunch special with some good sandwiches.
    Le Pain Quotidien 801 Broadway cor 11th st. Great tartines.
    Baohaus 2 on 14th between 2nd and 3rd. Modern take on the Chinese bao.

  2. In addition to others mentioned, Potbelly Sandwich Shop moved in recently (bug bang for the buck), and Vanessa’s Dumplings makes an incredible–if greasy–sesame pancake sandwich.

  3. My favorites:

    Num Pang, University and 12th: http://www.numpangnyc.com/ – best Cambodian sandwiches around, totally worth a trip. They don’t have much seating, so go on a nice day and enjoy your sandwiches in nearby Washington Square Park.
    Cafe Medina – 17th between Broadway and Fifth – looks like an ordinary deli, but the quality is really a step up
    Pret a Manger, Broadway and 17th
    Irving Farm – Irving Place between 18th and 19th – coffee shop with good sandwiches
    Wichcraft – 11 East 20th
    The Grey Dog Coffee – 11th and University
    Bite – 14th Street near 3rd Avenue
    Le Pain Quotidien – 19th near Broadway
    The big deli (don’t remember the name) overlooking Madison Square Park, on the southeast corner of 23rd and Broadway, has some really good sandwiches
    Any other recommendations?


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