What are the best rhubarb plants?

What are the best rhubarb plants?

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  1. It has to be Timperley because I lived there for 18 years. Now I only talk rhubarb. I now have it in my Oxfordshire garden to remind me of my south Manchester days.

  2. Best Rhubarb Cultivars
    Cherry Red. With its bright red stalks, the hybrid variety ‘Cherry Red’ (R. …
    Chipman’s Canada Red. Also known as Canadian Red, ‘Chipman’s Canada Red’ is another ruby-colored cultivar. …
    Crimson Red. …
    German Wine. …
    Glaskin’s Perpetual. …
    Hardy Tarty. …
    Holstein’s Bloodred. …

  3. 1. Cherry Red – one of the sweetest and least tart varieties around.
    2. Chipman’s Canada Red – Developed in chilly Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, this extra sweet variety is perfect for northern gardeners.
    3. Crimson Red – loves damply cool temperatures.
    4. German Wine – excellent for making, well, wine! This variety is also one of the sweetest around.
    5. Glaskin’s Perpetual – prefers cooler summers if possible.
    6. Hardy Tarty – you can harvest this variety from late spring through the entire summer.
    7. Holstein’s Bloodred – can grow up to four feet tall and five feet wide; classic rhubarb look
    8. KangaRhu – It was actually developed from Australian rhubarb seeds to produce a cultivar that could withstand hot temperatures!
    9. Prince Albert – Stalks are larger and juicier than other varieties, with a perfect blend of tartness and sweetness. Some even say ‘Prince Albert’ has the best flavor of all the varieties.
    10. Riverside Giant – green-stalked cultivar. One of the cold-hardiest varieties available. One of the slowest to grow and you’ll have to wait three years before your first harvest.
    11. Sunrise – Ideal for those who love to harvest rhubarb to store for later use, ‘Sunrise’ freezes and cans exceptionally well.This is due to its extra-sturdy, thick pink stalk, which isn’t prone to turning mushy and gross even after sitting in the freezer for three months.
    12. Timperley Early – this cultivar’s stalks are pinkish and pretty, with a deliciously sweet-tart flavor. Some even call it the best-tasting rhubarb variety of all
    13. Victoria – one of the most popular rhubarb varieties in the world, mainly because it was the first variety ever to be used in cooking. It’s still the most widely available variety today. Developed in 1837 at the start of Queen Victoria’s reign, this variety pioneered the use of rhubarb in British and American cuisine.


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