What are the best places in NYC for a business breakfast meeting?

What are the best places in NYC for a business breakfast meeting?

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  1. If you’re in TriBeCa: Bubby’s.
    If you’re in SoHo: Balthazar.
    If you’re in WashSq: The Smile.
    If you’re in the East Village: Peels.
    If you’re in Meatpacking: Pastis.
    If you’re in USq or MadSq: City Bakery.

  2. In midtown East, Casa Lever is great (53rd and Park Ave). I was there earlier this week. Not suprising given its location, most everyone in there is in Finance. But the food is good, the tables are well-spaced, and the prices aren’t too offensive.
    In the Chelsea area, Cafeteria (17th and 7th) is also good if you want a cooler scene than midtown.
    In midtown west, my go-to is Landmarc at TW Center at Columbus Circle.

  3. Balthasar in Soho for Classic NYC power breakfast in historic restaurant, feels like french bistro.
    Pulino also in Soho, new spot, opened a week ago. Great press from tons of foodies.
    Locande Verde in Tribeca hotel-always busy, great cafe and rustic italian food.

  4. Somewhere in Brooklyn, if you want to filter to people that have something important enough to discuss that they are willing to trek.

  5. At Grand Central i recommend Cafe Centro. It’s quieter than Naples 45 and Pershing Square. In Union Square, Olives at the W Hotel is great.

  6. 1. Uptown:

    Via Quadrino : casual & perfect for expresso & pastry–like out of Italy
    2. Midtown
    —- “Power Breakfast Spots” : there to do business (and for some, to be “seen”)
    Regency: though getting too crowded even when make reservation
    Michaels: quick service
    Le Parker Meridien
    —-Quick & Easy: G rand Central spots -HUGE fan of in & out service

    Cafe Centro
    Pershing Square
    3. Downtown: Don’t expect to see breakfast guests before 9am

    Balthazaar: SoHo (noisy but great energy)
    Cafe Cluny : West Village (quiet & relaxed but great setting)
    Marandi : West Village (European atmosphere-outdoor seating
    Village Den: West Village – one step above traditional diner – quick, easy and who doesn’t love pancakes that arrive in 4 minutes

  7. If you’re around Columbus Circle, AQ Kafe on Broadway between 58th Street and CPS is roomy and quiet and perfect for a biz meeting imo.

  8. Balthazar, Pastis, The Standard Grill, The Crosby Hotel lobby, Normas, Tarallucci e Vino, Regency Hotel, Mud Coffee, 9th Street Espresso, Gimme Coffee

  9. Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle. Overlooking the park. Impeccable service.
    On the downside, it’s a little out of the way unless you’re in midtown. If that’s the case, as many have mentioned, hard to go past Balthazar.

    Eight O’Clock


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