What are the best places for breakfast in the Monterey area?

What are the best places for breakfast in the Monterey area?

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  1. Parker Lusseau Bakery , 539 Hartnell St., Monterey. In an area full of “French bakeries”, it’s the only authentic French bakery making the delicate Parisian-style croissants with lots of cultured butter in a properly laminated dough, with all the flaky, ethereal layers it’s supposed to have. Sadly, the main store on Munras St. has closed.
    And yes, we did a comprehensive taste test of plain croissants from every bakery in all three cities (Monterey, Carmel, and Pacific Grove) over a two year span. A great croissant will leave your fingers slick with butter just by tearing it apart and unraveling the dough. If you can’t eat it plain, by itself with nothing else, then it’s just a hunk of overpriced bread dough.
    And assuming we can ever dine in or on-site again:
    Weekend brunch at Lucia at Bernardus Resort , Carmel Valley. Lunch only during weekdays, unless you’re a guest at the hotel. Excellent food, superb service that befits a five-star hotel, and one of the few restaurants where I’m happy to dine outdoors if the weather permits (I am not a big fan of outdoor dining, in general).
    We love the Monterey/Carmel area but a lot of the restaurants get raves for big portions of average food.

  2. First Awakenings is the only place I go for breakfast in Monterey County. Located in the touristy area of Cannery Row [Pacific Grove], it’s the best place around. Large portions, great food, cheerful staff and you can’t beat the location.
    Get there early, bring a newspaper as there will be a wait to be seated and if the weather is nice eat outside next to the firepit. If the wait is longer than you’d like, take some time exploring the shops in Cannery Row.
    We always took a stroll on the oceans path to Lovers Point after to work off the guilt 😉
    Lunch is also great but watch out for the Caesar Salad, its enough to feed an Army.
    Even Rachel Ray made an appearance! Go ahead look it up!

  3. The Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove is lovely for breakfast. It is small, but there are a few tables outside and a room in the back for larger groups of about 10. The hot chocolate is divine. Warning though, they don’t accept credit cards, it’s a cash only establishment.

  4. There may have already been shouts out to these, but my faves are:
    The Breakfast Club, Seaside
    Old Monterey Café, Monterey
    Trailside Café, Monterey
    Red House Café, Pacific Grove
    Victorian Corner, Pacific Grove

  5. As a local I would suggest The Breakfast Club in Seaside. It’s a definite locals’ spot and always has been. It’s tucked away in a corner of a strip mall, so it doesn’t have great views or amazing nearby shopping. But that’s not why you go there. There can be a wait, especially on weekends. The portions are generous and the staff is super friendly. If I’m going out to breakfast I go here. I’ve been to most of the others, and they’re not bad choices. That’s what is usually recommended to the tourists. If you want what the locals eat, Breakfast Club is your choice.
    Be sure to cross reference with yelp and oink for reviews.

  6. Traside cafe in Carmel valley village is my go to whenever I’m in Monterey area. They use to be in cannery row but moved to this sweet location a few years ago. Great Service great food & super vibe there makes it my go to stop.


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